Rolling Stock: CHRIS KING

James Renwick James Renwick

Rolling Stock: CHRIS KING

We probably don’t need to say much about Chris king hubs, after all they’re nothing less than legendary. If money isn’t an issue then these are quite simply the best you can buy. They’ll still be rolling when others will be settling into a new life at landfill, and that distinctive noise they produce when freewheeling is the result of the fastest engagement known to man. Despite being incredibly light they’d be more than at home on a DH bike, and the quality of the bearings is unrivalled in the world of bikes. These are without doubt the most coveted hubs available, and while the price might scare you off at first, it’s worth remembering that you could build a pair of these up for less money than many wheelsets.

Price: From £120 front and £270 rear
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