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Lapierre Zesty and Spicy 2012

Lapierre Zesty and Spicy 2012

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Lapierre unveil their 2012 bikes

2012 Lapierre launch
Dirt heads out to Les Gets to test ride the new Zesty and Spicy

There was always room for improvement even on one of the fastest trail bikes available. For 2012 Lapierre’s 140mm Zesty (and longer travel 160mm Spicy) see changes to the leverage ratio curve and hydraulic settings. The company have addressed one of the biggest issues of the current bike – support and grip in the shock/suspension area and come out with better handling trail and enduro bikes.

The basics of this involve more suppleness at the beginning of the curve leading to improved grip, gradual progression through the curve giving more support and a far better management at the end of the stroke involving much more progression than the current model that tended to fade somewhat.

In terms of angles the Zesty is now slacker and lower, it also feels lighter too but that might partly be down to the shorter chainstays giving a livelier ride. The Spicy is slackened from 67 to 66 whilst the Zesty goes from 68 to 67. Wheelbase on a large Zesty is 45” and on the Spicy 46”.

The Spicy now becomes more Enduro friendly too. The totally new carbon frame – the Spicy 916 is 400g lighter and even our mid range 516 certainly feels it on the hill. All come with internal cable routing and an adjustable seat post.

The Zesty, now available in 3 carbon models and 3 alloy models include tapered head tube, internal cable routing and fork and shock designed specifically for Lapierre.

We took the entry level Zesty 314 and mid range Spicy 516 out onto the Les Gets slopes and were impressed with the improved grip on the new suspension/shock workings. The increased sag range is very noticeable and so too the overall ability to deal with braking bumps. Both bikes feel super quick across the ground.

We look forward to bringing a fuller review in the next issue.

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  1. JFC

    They look SICK. Impressed.

  2. nadger

    i rode a few of last years lapierres and they were unreal and these look soooo much better. definitely putting my money somewhere in the next few months and the spicy was a contender so cant wait to see these new ones in the flesh

  3. Taiwaniwan

    Reminds me of a Trek

  4. TimBud

    I don’t remember hearing about any of those ‘issues’ in the Dirt reviews before?
    Even so, if the bikes have been improved then who am I to argue?

    Hope their prices will be more reasonable this time.
    Will the carbon Spicy be available in a frame only package?

  5. Maureen

    Very ugly looking bikes in my opinion. What is going on with the massive seat tube?

  6. stooky

    young Maureen has it what is going on with the seat tube and guset..

  7. --

    do they both have 12mm 142 axles? should be standard on all 2012 bikes

  8. raddog

    I actually like the aesthetics of the split in the top tube. However, it looks like the presence of this feature has necessitated the need for a longer seat tube. Form over function?

  9. TimBud

    I think that look of the top tube is slightly exagerated because they’re larges.
    I’d guess the medium will look a bit more proportioned in that respect.

  10. george

    2012 Spicys are are 142 rear, and back to a normal BB. Zestys are QR and press fit.

  11. jonny

    i dont like them… this years looked sweet though…

  12. James

    Any news on if they will be available as frame only this year? I reckon they’ve missed out on a big market by only selling them as complete bikes.

  13. VonDH

    Lapierre produce nice machines, and a not to bad a range on prices until you start looking at their top models . Then its a case of selling your family jewels to afford one.

  14. Turpy

    Looks really nice just not sure about the height of that seat tube the saddle is right down to the bottom on the picture and it still looks high.

  15. george

    Dunno about the silver – I think they look min painted up though:


  16. Mikes mum

    Would look awesome except for that horrific shark fin connecting the toptube to the seat tube..What is that!

  17. Shabba

    @TimBud – Was there not something about them wanting a different tune in the rear shock??

  18. Bren

    Am i the mad for wanting a bottle cage on there somewhere ? i hate wearing a bag

  19. Ian

    What length hock do they have for what rear travel

  20. Bill

    So the entry level zesty 314 has XT cranks, while the spicy 516 has SLX? Have they upgraded the zesty components for the press, or are there going to be large price increases?

  21. Fybcorp

    @Bill, I don’t think that is a picture of the entry level Zesty, it looks like an all carbon frame so probably one of the higher end models

  22. JFC

    Has anyone else ever considered a mass intelligence test, the purpose of which would be to rid the minority of the majority of stupid people in the world? Just a suggestion… An easier way would be to ban internet forums, ofcourse.

  23. Jack

    Anyone know if they will release these in frame only? all other lapierres have only been available full build

  24. TimBud

    Not sure to be honest, but tuning a shock can’t be a big issue for them.
    Surely it’s just a case of contacting Fox and giving the requirements. Lots of if other manufacturers do it so it can’t be that hard.
    Tweaking the linkage properties would gave been harder though

  25. Bill

    @Fybcorp- if you look at the image at full resolution (open it in a new tab), you can make out welds on the seat-tube. You can also just about read the wording on the toptube- which I think looks like “Zesty 314″.

  26. Lewis

    better have sorted out the useless nylon top hat bushings in the chainstay pivots..they go insanely quickly at the moment, total joke on a bike of that cost.

  27. dirt dodger

    looks like the rear triangle is a bit thicker imo.

  28. r1Gel

    Is that a Lapierre-branded uppy-downy post on the Spicy?

  29. Chris

    I just saw one of the spicy 916’s in the flesh at flying fox in Alva. They look the business. The boys there give you free kit if you pre order too! I think I might have to go for one of those!


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