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Dirt 100 2011:Rockshox Boxxer World Cup

Dirt 100 2011:Rockshox Boxxer World Cup

Dirt Intern

The BoXXer World Cup might have suffered from a pretty painful price rise, but what was already a great fork has been made even better for 2011. Both the damper and the air spring have been improved to increase performance, but as good as this fork’s performance is it’s really its weight that has guaranteed its inclusion in this list.

If you’re looking to get the weight of your race bike as low as possible then there is nothing else that even comes close. It is most definitely a race fork, and although there are some compromises in the use of an air spring, we think that they pale into insignificance compared to the weight savings you make. Definitely not a fork for everyone, but for those that it does suit it’s almost impossible to beat.

Check out the Rockshox Boxxer World Cup 2011


Price: £1499.99
Fisher outdoor leisure 01727 798 340


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  1. dirt dodger

    absolutely loved my boxxers until i tried 40’s, not going back now..

  2. Furaxrider

    Right there with ya, dirt dodger! Boxxer’s have always been too unreliable from my experience, unfortunately.

  3. Christo

    definitly the best forks money can buy. Super easy to maintain, and run great if well looked after.

  4. NZ joe

    who in the right mind would pay $3000 (NZ) for a pair of forks. this is getting stupid now with the price of forks rising to a new level you would expect them to come custom built for your own needs, but they don’t.

  5. centrifuge

    Yo, what’s with all the plurality speak when referring to a suspension fork? It’s not like you’ve mounted two different forks on your steed at the same time. Fork implies; division, plural (i.e.) more than one (e.g.) an implement with two or more prongs or a division into branches or the place where something divides into branches. Maybe, I am just a bastard today but, enough with the brain degenerating stool matter.

  6. Furaxrider

    One other thing about the boxxer’s that bothers me: I would have expected to see the new coating on the stancions like the blackbox guys got in 2010, especially if the new ones are increasing in price. Fox had no problems transferring their new Kashima coating onto the 2011 model for the average Joe. Just another reason I’m a Fox fan.

  7. NorthWest

    Still has those stupid graphics on the lower legs behind the Boxxer logo. Lame. They look like a patch your mom puts on your jeans when you’re a little kid.

  8. big man

    still don’t like em.
    Never was a boxxer fan though.
    on 40’s now loving them.
    that said would like to try the 2011 888’s as the open bath damping sounds a lot better than the catridge’s of the others despite the weight penalty.

    prefer to have a reliable bike 1 or 2 lbs heavier than a light “race” bike that has to be rebuilt and checked for cracks every race. prefer to spend my time riding thank you very much.

  9. mtb-blog.nl

    No doubt it’s a great fork.. but it really is way too expensive

  10. Christiaan

    Why the 2011 Kashima coated Fox 40 is not in the DIRT 100 beats me, Dirt, Billy care to telll the story?

  11. billy

    @Christiaan, Give Ed@dirtmag.co.uk a shout, he chose the products.

  12. jehaan

    wish you good luck with your “reliable” fox 40, you need to service them after eacht day riding, I changed to boxxer and would never go back.

  13. benji

    the boxxer is a very reliable fork when serviced regularly. the new solo air spring design is incredible and works a treat, you wont see any of them knocking like the previous years.
    the forks are mega strong even without considering the wait saving and are far more reliable than a fox 40. riding anywhere hot with long descents and you’ll be replacing your seals after a few days FACT, doesn’t matter how much you soak the foam rings…


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