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Dirt 100 2011:Marzocchi 55 RC3 TI

Dirt 100 2011:Marzocchi 55 RC3 TI

Dirt Intern

The addition of the titanium spring cured the only downside to the fork, which was weight, leaving us with a fork that offers almost unbelievable smoothness and reliability at a weight which must be starting to cause some air forks a few headaches.

With both coil spring and low pressure air spring preload adjustments on tap, you can fine tune the progression of the 160mm of travel, and of course the RC3 damper controls the travel in a way that few others can match. The amount of grip that these forks offer thanks to their smooth nature can’t be put into words, it has to be experienced firsthand.

Check out the Marzocchi 55 RC3 TI

55 rc

Price: £829.95 – £859.95
windwave 02392 521 912


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  1. Jimmy

    How much are marzocchi paying Dirt to say all their forks are good?

  2. Rick

    Maybe it’s just ‘Journos in telling truth’ shocker! Ed O over at Singletrack loves these forks too.

  3. Liam

    I hope this image is of a very early production version in terms of finishing because I can’t imagine how marzocchi are asking for £829.95 – £859.95 for a fork with a Decal’s this badly stuck. Regardless of these forks performance, i can’t see how they hope to compete with Fox or Rockshox at the moment if this is there level of external quality…

  4. Icek

    To Liam: I think it’s only protective foil over decals.

  5. Alex

    they aren’t bad decals, it’s just a protective layer over the actual decals to protect them in transit, my 44’s had it on when they arrived

  6. Daniel Sim

    I think its about time marzocchi changed the look of their lowers. Reminds me too much of my 08 55s, which were without a doubt the worst fork I’ve ever bought. Also while I do trust the writers at dirt mag, I’m having a tough time believing this incredible praise of the whole line up; considering the company’s previous missteps.

  7. brad

    i’ve been rocking a set of 44 Rc3 Ti’s for over 6 months now and they really are a return to form for marzocchi.

  8. MIke John

    I have the 09 regular version on my pitch and I absolutely love how stiff they feel plowing through rock gardens. They always seem to say online when the track gets gnarly. I am about 215 pounds and I take 6 foot drops on them no problem. I have had them for over a year now and not one bit of problems…flat out reliable. I would buy these in a minute if I had the coin!

  9. Thegap

    Marzocchi had a really bad year with their 08 models, they moved their production and got problems with this… Marzocchi stood for quality for over 10 years, their forks were ready to race out of the box and the service intervals were great compared to all others. It was this one year which destroyed the name they build over a long time… the 09 models were better, but after 2010 it´s great to see Marzocchi back on top: The new 888 RC3 Ti is awesome out of the box, the 55 RC3 is great. Can´t wait for the new season!

  10. Morgan

    It’ll help now that the internals are no longer being made by SR Suntour, as they were when they switched production circa 2008.
    Shame they had that blip in quality as they used to produce some of the best feeling forks around, even if they weren’t the lightest. Hope people can ignore this dark period and put some trust back in this company. It looks like they’ve learnt from their mistake and are back on track.

  11. NZ joe

    hope the decals don’t come like that when you fork out £850ish. Marzocchi are back to the good old days of producing amazing forks and but with shit decals.

  12. MIke John

    Decals are a lot better than 08 year when they had carnival folk and midgets shooting out of cannons. The decals are simple and pimped now.


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