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Dirt 100 2011: Specialized Enduro Expert

Dirt 100 2011: Specialized Enduro Expert

Dirt Intern

If there’s one bike that can get close to being the perfect all–round mountain bike then this is it. Even if you don’t opt for the featherweight carbon S–Works version, this bike is still light enough not to become a drag on a long trail ride, and yet it’s also got more than enough ability to be taken on uplift days. If there’s one area in which this bike excels though it has to be enduro style DH races, but I suppose that’s because you tend to get a mix of everything and so a bike this multi–talented is exactly what you want. The fact It comes with an equally impressive spec, that even includes one of the best adjustable seatposts around, is really just the icing on a very fine, and great value, cake

Check out the Specialized Enduro Expert


Price: £3399.99
specialized uk 02083 913 500


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  1. sam

    Fookin love mine.

  2. PhilG

    Sickest bike on the market

  3. FatTim

    I got my enduro after seeing Jonsey’s video review. Took it to the Alps as stock; it handled a week of being caned downhill and it went up the Alp D’Huez road without any problems.

  4. Brenstyle

    Nice components – shame about the frame!

  5. Sam Hill

    I approve of this bike.

  6. Horse

    whats wrong with the frame? Rode mine in enduro races and DH races and its just great.

  7. Brenstyle

    Over-priced hydro-formed farm gate anyone?! The main question is are they fast?

  8. WAKi

    I simply love that bike, if any owner wants to swap for a Nomad, gimme a call… fCuk how sweet…

  9. ronin

    death match at Dirt HQ. are you saying spesh has made your beloved orange its b*tch?

  10. Horse

    Is it fast you ask… well In timed runs between the demo 8 and the enduro on a 2 min downhill track I was only loosing out by about one second to the demo, is that fast enough?

  11. Al

    Horse, a Demo 8 would destroy this bike on a proper DH track. Either the track you were on was pants or you can’t ride a good DH bike.

  12. Brenstyle

    I think Specialized suspension frames are comparatively slow so comparing the Enduro and Demo doesn’t cut it. Orange and Lapierre trail bikes deserve to be in the Dirt 100 cos they’re, amongst their many other merits, fast! Specialized make wallowy and notchy suspension designs that a may be comfy for beginners but dont fly down a hill. Ned Overend has obviously pulled a few strings to get the Spesh bikes on the list!

  13. JB

    I have to say that I rode this bike a few months ago and really didn’t see what all the fuss is about. It rides OK but it I felt that there are better all round bikes out there with more riding character / charm.

    With regard to the looks of any bike I don’t care what a bike looks like I’m not looking in a mirror when I’m riding! It’s just got to perform and be fun to ride.

  14. Gogzee

    I’ve ridden mine on everything from DH to Lake district epics and it is pretty fault less.Swapped a few bits like bars and stem.If you can only afford one bike i can seriously recommend it and thats from a former sunday and glory owner.You might not be able to plough through everything Dh but its just as much fun being able to chuck it around and pick your lines not to mention not being knackered because of the weight of it

  15. enrico650

    @Brenstyle, Perhaps you can share your credentials with the rest of us because the last time i check, Horstlink suspension on specialized bikes has remained the same as pictured on the aplication for the US patent office many,many years ago.
    I can not say the same for the other brands you have mentioned.
    Next time check your facts before making yourself looking like a fool on this forum.
    If Sam Hill tells you is good,is good!

  16. Alfie Polax

    Hey Brenstyle, You don’t know what the fcuk you’re talking about. Why don’t you hang around Whistler for a season and you’ll see the Specialized’s R&D guys more than any other manufacturer. Oh and guess what frame Morland and the other Sram guys picked to race the Mega this year… Yeah you guessed it.

  17. Longman23

    Yep, I agree with the majority, mines been on the coast to coast ride across the UK, and down Fort Bill and Leogang DH courses.
    Love it!!

  18. Brentstyle

    My credentials – well i do not work for Spesh hawking All Marketing (AM) bikes or any other brands bikes as I suspect many of the commentators on the Dirt 100 do! I had a Pitch and have used the new Stumpjumper and last years Enduro and they all sucked. They were slow, wallowy, notchy and not as good as they should be given the amount of hype. If Specialized did more in-house R&D then they might finally get back to rivalling Trek, Orange and some of the other good European brands. Sam Hill is a genius and this papers over the faults.

  19. sam

    But question is brenstyle can you actually ride a bike well enough to tell the ‘difference’ between all the bikes mentioned above…. Somehow i can imagine not…. Forum user.

  20. SG

    @Brentstyle – If Specialized bikes are so crap, why did you buy 3 of them! You really know how to make yourself look stupid in public! Specialized not doing any inhouse R&D!?! where do you think all of the new designs come from, they even used make their own suspension!

  21. Brentstyle

    Yeah! And ya mother MBUK boy!

  22. Tallpaul

    God I hate so called blog experts!! @Brenstyle your talking through your arse boy!!! Go learn how to set your suspension up! Or perhaps stop pretending you know what your talking about and go ride instead.

  23. Alfie Polax

    Hey Brentstyle, can you tell us what leverage rate curve you need to get “wallowy and notchy” feeling suspension LOL!!!

    Oh and I guess Brendan’s top 6 and multiple podiums in the World Cup and Troy’s junior WC title was somehow helped by Sam’s genius while he was mostly sitting on the sofa 5000 miles away???

    Please stop now.

  24. enrico650

    @brenstyle,Listen to Alfie mate and learn before you write insane coments. Speialized enduro uses a decreasing leverage ratio that changes as the travel increases, starts at about 2.9 and ends at about 2.6 at the end.
    Now in case you dont understand this, (of course you dont) the progresive curve becomes very sharp at the end helping the suspension not to blow trhu the travel and that coil like feel to it.
    Please just apologize and all its forgiven.

  25. hissing valve

    can anybody help need to adjust my specialized command post it has three settings wich many of you know the middle setting just about fits my height about an inch to high how do i lower it do i undo the big nut and lower it, bit worried about doing that because i think its under pressure,cheers

  26. James Russell

    Just got my hands on a 2011 Enduro Expert. Suspension’s set up… trails are perfect, rained 2 days ago… It’s dark out… Can’t sleep, Maxiavalance in 6 days.

  27. James Russell

    What an awesome bike. Got back home about an hour ago, still buzzing! More fun than my old Demo 8 (’06) down hill and climbs just fine when you get your body in the right place. Just need to sit still an spin the legs, the bike does the rest. An the suspension hasn’t worked it’s self in yet! Tick all my boxes :)

  28. Martin

    Hi there. I’m keen on buying this bike. I’am 169cm (5″6′) 68 kg. According to size guide I’am just between S & M. From Yours experience what size would You recommend me?


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