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Dirt 100 2011: Product 101: Intense Slopestyle 2

Dirt 100 2011: Product 101: Intense Slopestyle 2

Dirt Intern

Deciding upon the 100 greatest products of the year is no easy task, especially when you’ve got an office that’s as skilled at arguing as ours. I’ve lost count of the number of draft lists we’ve made months ago, but I do remember that somewhat magical day when we all finally agreed on the definitive list. I never thought it would actually happen, but there it was a list of 100 products, not 99 or 101. Fast forward a couple of months and everything has been sourced, shot, and written about, the designer has even started putting everything together, and then in walks Dirt Deputy Editor Steve Jones one morning and firmly states that the bike he’s just wheeled in HAS to go in the Dirt 100.

Now he’d been riding this Slopestyle for well over a month by this point, and apparently he’d found himself having to bite his tongue harder and harder after every ride on it, until he got to the point where he just had to let it out and cause another day of heated debate. To be fair we quickly saw how strongly he felt about this bike needing to be included, and so we accepted it was going to happen despite the hassles it was going to cause, but we still had to decide what product it was going to replace. To cut a long story short, that proved to be an impossible decision and so I just finally said “sod it, let’s just have 101 products”. We then thought about sneaking it in with the rest of the products hoping that some uber geek wouldn’t go counting them, but then as a kind of celebration of the fact that great products can turn up any day we thought we’d just be honest and stick it at the end. So here it is… Oh yeah, I guess you might be wondering what’s so special about this frame that warranted all this extra trouble. Well, for a bike with such a specific name it’s actually one of the hardest to stereotype. If we had to put it into a category it would sit with its other all–round 6” Enduro and Alpine friends, but it is different.

Firstly this bike climbs way better than it ever should (even with the limitation of a short seat tube), but more importantly it has geometry that’s about as perfect as it gets for travelling at serious speed. It’s so good in that respect that we can easily forgive the fact that the suspension might not work quite as well as that on the Alpine, which I guess is proof if ever any was needed that it’s geometry that can really make or break a bike. This one is most certainly made.

Check out the Intense Slopestyle 2


PrIce: £1999.00
Extra UK 01933 672 170


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  1. sideways sid

    She pretty. But not as pretty as my Scratch. You wanna try a 7″ bike that beats it’s XC chums to the top of the hill and makes everybody else fill their nappies on the way back down, try my Scratch. Seriously, I never understood why Joner bagged it so much. I’ll trade withya one day and we’ll see what comes up?!

  2. Gaz

    Sideways sid; what total rubish!! you are so lucky this page isn’t seen that much and it’s anonymous because you have made a TOTAL TIT of your self. The Scratch is PAP!! off the peg PAP!! you should be punched in the face propper hard for the fact that you have made ‘such’ a stupid coment! The Intense SS is Perfect, you dont have to even ride it to see that, it’s in the lines, The Scratch, especialy this year looks Sh!T. Fin!

  3. KMH

    I agree, the Scratch is PAP. The SS2 gets you through corners when you should really be eating dirt and it smashes down steep, rooty gnar that’s out of most 8″ bikes depth. I should know, I’ve used it on the steepest and hardest tracks England and Wales has to offer. Oh, and you can ride it back to the top of the track again!

  4. tic

    @khm: Steep? Hard? C`mn the isle is about as flat as Holland… Anywhere else in the world you hardly pedal this bike up the hill. In your case the SS is like shooting a canary with cannon. A Puky is all that is needed Britannia. Lighten up.

  5. Kimmer

    tic: Meh, I stand by what I say. Have you tried the Aberfan tracks or Llangollen? Hardly Holland. Besides, what’s wrong with bringing a cannon to a canary fight :)

    Erm, a Pucky?


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