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Dirt 100 2011: POC Spine VPD Tee Back Protector

Dirt 100 2011: POC Spine VPD Tee Back Protector

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It’s fair to say that POC were game changers when they first released this innovative ‘Viscous Polymer Dough’ style back protector, and although several other companies have since started to copy the idea we still think this one is the best. It offers the highest level of protection, but yet at the same time it is also unbelievably comfortable. Once your body temperature warms the back plate up you almost forget you’re wearing the thing. So often people choose not to wear protection because of how it feels, but with this there’s no such excuse. Worth every penny, and if we’d had more room in the Dirt 100 you’d also have seen several other bits of POC kits.

Check out the POC Spine VPD Tee Back Protector


PrIce: £224.99
bIg bear sports 02089 919 244


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  1. José

    I’ve been thinking about buying one of these for quite a while now… my traditional 661 is safe but very unconfortable, making me riding without it lately :/

    I guess that being off the bike after breaking a finger followed by dislocating a shoulder has been having a role on not having bought one yet 😛

    It’s still on my wish list when I get back on the bike, though!

  2. Stu

    Anyone know if a Leatt neckbrace works well with this?

  3. Johan

    I have only the backplate and the leatt dosent fit to well with it atleast not when i have the leatt on the inside of the backplate. But if i have it over the backplate i works pretty good but then you have to use the longer spacers on the brace and not have to thick chest. I have the adventure so a club will most likely fit somewhat better though.

  4. Rud

    No, this vest is not Leatt friendly. OF course, you could always mod the vest
    to allow for clearance of the Leatt.

  5. Ole
  6. Pete


    On the contrary, it works fine with the Leatt. Because of the mouldable properties of the dough, which will not shift/shatter/misform under pressure from the Leatt in the event of a crash. There is conflicting advice from POC on this though. Personally I can’t see the issue – it still sits close in to your body and will act as it is designed.

    In fact, I can see it will spread the load across a wider area than when wearing a Leatt alone, and therefore avoid some of the associated spinal loading issues that Leatt have encountered? Speculation I know – maybe someone could correct me?

  7. Chris

    I agree completely with Pete. I use a POC with a Leatt places over the VPD. The brace fits closely and securely and appears to work in the way the Leatt was designed.

    A quick look at the Leatt facebook shows that people who think their lives have been saved by the device have almost all experienced damage to the middle part of their spine, caused presumably by the rear support. Worth considering when you run the brace up to your skin as advised.

  8. Jon P

    @ Pete & Chris
    I presume you guys fit the bigger spacers to the Leatt to compensate for the extra width of the spine protection? Does it not feel a bit uncomfortable?


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