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Dirt 100 2011: Leatt DBX Neck Brace

Dirt 100 2011: Leatt DBX Neck Brace

Dirt Intern

Some think they’re overkill, and yet others swear by them and wouldn’t ride without one. Whatever your take on neck braces the facts are that you only have one neck, it’s far from a good thing to break, and one of these will help stop it happening. With an ever increasing number of riders wearing them it’s not surprising to see that Leatt have now produced this cycling specific version, which offers a greater range of movement when compared to their MX offerings. Like the previous ones the DBX comes in two models; the Comp, which is lighter and offers more adjustment, and then the cheaper Ride. Either way, they’re quality bits of kit and we’ve found them to be a better fit than their recent competition. We just wish the Comp would come as standard in a colour that doesn’t look skanky at just the mere sight of dirt.

Check out the Leatt DBX Neck Brace



  1. Ryan V.

    I have the same white one as in the picture, and I have rode with it on really muddy days. All you have to do is stick it in some water with soap overnight and it is perfectly clean again.

  2. andy f

    I crashed a month ago and landed on my head while wearing the dbx comp that a bought 2 weeks before, and the surgeon and all the hospital staff and doctors said the brace more than likely saved my life, without it i would of been looking at life in a wheelchair as a MINIMUM…. But i came away with a collar bone in 3 peices and an elbow that had to be reconstructed. 5 months off a bike but atleast i can look forward to being able to get back on one

    WIll NEVER ride without one, £330, who can put a price on your neck??

  3. Steve

    well, i think the neckbrace is a very good thing, what makes our sport alot safer. Because auf two very hard crashes in the past, where i hurt my neck really bad an couldn´t really move it for 3 or 4 days, i decided to buy a leatt brace. no i got a leatt brace gpx club. But i think there aren´t any differences between the gpx club and the dbx comp( which is presented here)exept the color. of course the lower padding, but you can also put it on a gpx club, cause the frame on which you fix the paddings is the same, or am i wrong?

  4. Tim

    “I’ve raced for 10 years and never crashed on to my head”. I thankfully said that after I’d bought my Leatt… yup the jinx-o-meter was in full working order as on my second outing I got a stick through the front wheel on an easy flat track. Flipped me past a berm and straight onto my head into a massive stump. Funny swelling on my spine from where the neck brace dug in but so glad I had it on. I don’t see why you wouldn’t wear one. We spend so much money on bike parts, why not run a cheaper set of wheels or buy a 661 instead of a Troy Lee and get a neck brace. Dan was very lucky, Tara wasn’t so lucky :(

    Like armour, should the race organisers start making them part of the entry rules?

  5. Jon P

    I’ve got this one and can’t fault it to be fair. It fits well and I don’t really notice it when riding. Sure the white padding gets a bit shitty in the rubbish winter weather over here but who cares? Not really tested it yet and don’t ever want to, just nice to know i’m covered! I got mine for £270 so shop around for a better deal.

  6. nickyb

    daft question, if you stack nastily with one on do you have to replace it?

  7. Chris

    I would like to buy one of these, but I only ride dirt..I don’t know if it’s overkill for that purpose..

  8. Jon P

    @ nickyb
    I expect you do, however if you have a crash serious enough to damage the neck brace so it’s no longer functional I think it’s probably paid for itself?!

  9. Alec

    I crashed last summer face first into a rock wall, came out with just cuts, bangs and a bust lip…. oh and also a snapped neck brace. I dont think i’d eer ride without one!

  10. jonzo

    Do all you guys wear a full face lid and neck brace out on the trail or down the local jump spot?
    Because the risks are still the same.

  11. The Bear

    how do these work with body armor suits that have spinal armor up the back to neck level, like the 661 pressure suit comp? does the neck brace fit well will armor on the back or are there interferences / certian types of armor you must get to fit well with the neck brace? cheers.

  12. Morgan

    While I can see that neck braces may help prevent serious injuries (as yet there is no “official” proof that they do), it’s a shame that they have become such a fashion accessory. I’d rather see people (namely the younger – and often slower – riders) putting the money towards some decent body armour, especially back/chest protection. There’s too many young rippers at my local DH (FoD) that have £3k plus bikes, £200 plus helmets, neck braces, but no knee or elbow pads, or a back protector. You’re far more likely to hit your knees or ribs than hyper extend your kneck. I’m sure there are a good few older riders here that will agree that knee damage is for life.
    And even with a neck brace on, your spine is NOT protected, just the few vertabrae in your kneck. I recntly saw a top UK 4X rider go over the bars to his face while riding trails, causing the chin guard of his full face to bend up and break his nose, while his spine bent in an arc and he actually kicked himself in the back of the head! He suffered a hyper extended spine – which meant he was a bit sore for a week or two, nothing more. He wasn’t wearing a neck brace, and even if he was it wouldn’t have stopped his shoes touching his helmet!
    Which leads me neatly to the above comment by Jonzo: The risks of our extreme riding are the same whatever you ride. But there aren’t many trail centre warriors or dirt jump demons that ride with a fully and a brace. Why is DH the preserve of the kneck brace? You’re far more likely to go over the bars to your head nosing in a bit short on some trails than you are riding some slippery roots.
    Now before anyone jumps on me with a vitriolic “you can’t put a price on safety” style arguement I’d just like to point out that I’m not against the use of neck braces: more that I dislike the priortisation of a neck brace over far more usefull and justified (you’re more likely to smash your patella than break your kneck) body armour. And if you’re so worried about safety, and the risks of riding bikes, maybe mountain biking isn’t for you. Take up football.

  13. NZrox

    When are we going to get a comprehensive evidence and simulations of real life crashes with a neck brace? THere are too many variables to decide. I tried my 661 helmet with leatt and when i simulated my neck bending over sideways extending, the hlemet actually went over the side of the leatt..leaving a nice sharp pivot line to break your neck on.

    Also the rear spar digging into your spine is another worry..why they dont look at two spars away from the spine at the rear like some other designs..putting load into your shoulder blade area rahter than spine. Seems self defeating somewhat the current design (although I know its design to snap before the spine, which inherently worries me!)

    Dont just buy one and think your safe..research and use your head

  14. Jon P

    @ jonzo
    I personally ride with my neck brace and full face lid anytime i’m out on my DH bike. I just wear my piss pot lid when going out for a blitz around the streets on my DJ bike but the neck brace and full face go back on at the jumps.

    @ The Bear
    In my experience the two don’t mix too well, the spine armour doesn’t allow the brace to sit correctly. I wear 661 subgear with my brace, give a bit extra protection and doesn’t get in the way of the Leatt. Some new body armour is designed to work with the neck braces’ on the market.

    @ Morgan
    I agree with your point about just wearing a brace. I wear knee pads, 661 sub gear body armour, neck brace, full face, goggles and gloves. Need some elbow pads still! Feel plenty well enough protected for what I do :-) I expect more people have been saved with neck braces’ than caused further harm on top of the damage they’d have suffered without it?!

  15. TC


  16. Jon P

    @ TC
    You can pick the less bling model up for around £180, I don’t think that’s too bad… Compare that to high end helmets or body armour?!

  17. The Bear

    Cheers Jon P. i need to research more on this.

  18. andy f

    I’m not sure i totally agree with some of the post’s, i mean yes there are inherant risk’s no matter what you ride, but there the risks are far higher if you are DH racing, a friend i ride with broke his neck while dirt jumping, he was only wearing a piss pot, but from now on will be wearing a full face and a neck brace.

    As for not wearing armour/pads, i made the decision not to wear armour on the day of my crash due to it interfering with my neck brace which meant it wasn’t sat right, i now will be carrying an elbow injury that will effect me for the rest of my life, I made that decision on the basis that the likely hood of me having an injury from no body armour was far more likely BUT it would probably be an injury i can come back from and be able to ride again. The likelyhood of an injury to my neck would be slim, but the resulting injury would possibly mean i never walk again.

    I made the decision of just the neck brace and in a month or 2 i will be back riding again,

    The next investment will be some kali sarpa body armour as this is neck brace compatible,

    Riding is a dangerous sport, everyone knows the risks and anything you can do to lower those risks has to be a good thing. I will still crash and injure myself but if i can reduce the chance of it being serious then i will pay out for it.

  19. treehuggergraeme

    just seen this – the reason why Leatts are expensive, their annual profits still show a loss



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