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Dirt 100 2011: Last Herb AM

Dirt 100 2011: Last Herb AM

Dirt Intern

Few bikes can genuinely be described as unique, but this is most definitely one of them. If your trail rides are all about the downhill then this is the frame you should own, it just puts everything else in its class to shame, and many with more travel too. Much of this ability is down to the geometry which has clearly been designed by guys who love to ride DH, but the 145mm of travel also feels unflappable even when way beyond what you’d expect it to cope with. There’s incredible attention to detail on the frame too, and we think the fact that Last have made this frame so that it can take a 150mm rear hub almost says it all about its potential. Despite the solid build it’s far from too heavy for trail riding, and it’s great to see a company getting sizes spot on too.

Price: £1699.99
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  1. gert frobe

    this does look awesome, def on my “if i find a spare three grand Ill blow it on this” list

  2. Anoobis

    :'( so want one of these but got offered a “free” marin 140 frame in replacement for a broken quake frame. couldn’t resist. and it saves me a hell of a lot of money. one day… one day you will be mine.

  3. Michael Schwagrowski

    Its a dream. I´ve got the FR in 180 mm with a vivid air. Absolutely great. I left Liteville and changed to Last, and I don´t regret this change.

  4. Jack

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