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Dirt 100 2011: Fox RP23

Dirt 100 2011: Fox RP23

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We are somewhat spoilt these days when it comes to lightweight air shocks for trail bikes because both this RP23 and the Monarch are so good that it’s difficult to imagine what anyone could do to better them. As long as the shock you choose is correctly tuned to your particular frame in terms of compression, rebound, and volume, then you’ll be laughing either way.

At the flick of a lever you can switch between super supple DH style performance or one of three levels of ‘Pro–Pedal’ which help stop the suspension moving under pedalling and weight shift inputs. It’s fair to say that since its introduction this shock has changed what we have come to expect from a trail bike, and it’s only got better since.

price: £349.00
mojo suspension 01633 615 815



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  1. ronin

    after riding both diggin the Monarch best

  2. Oz

    Went through two Monarch 4.2’s in short time a while back. Unreliable in my experience (not sure how the latest models fair). The last one I had died suddenly. The replacement part quote was so high I ended up just getting a new shock (Fox). Shame really as it performed really well when it worked.

  3. Fruity

    I have the RP23 on my meta 4x, and its doesnt need any fiddling. I forget its there and just get on with the riding.

  4. MIke John

    Seems that I am always hearing about reliability issues with Rock shox and I have been riding since 1999. Some things never change.

  5. Daniel

    I think the Monarchs feel better (more low speed compression with a smoother blow-off) but the Fox Shox are super reliable these days. Let’s not forget that it wasn’t always this way. 😉


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