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Dirt 100 2011: Fox Float Fit RLC

Dirt 100 2011: Fox Float Fit RLC

Dirt Intern

Despite its new slippery Kashima coated legs the 36 Float still loses out to the Marzocchi in terms of ultimate buttery performance, but where it still wins–out (in quite some fashion) is in the weight stakes.
This is by far and away the lightest high performance 160mm travel fork (or 180mm if you choose to go for that version), and thanks to a few changes the performance is better than ever.

The Kashima legs do make a difference, but it’s the FIT damper that we feel makes the biggest change over older models. It just seems to up the fork’s high speed capability, and when you’ve got a fork that’s so willing to take you into those kinds of situations it’s a welcome addition. Oh yeah, and for both simplicity’s sake and performance, we’d always go for the Float (fixed travel) over the Talas (adjustable travel).

Check out the Fox Float Fit RLC 2011


Price: £869.00 – £879.00
mojo suspension 01633 615 815


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  1. Sam

    What’s the difference between the RLC and the RLC taper?

  2. mr_p

    the headtube tapers from 1.5 to 1 1/8th

  3. Jan

    Just ordered mine. Can’t wait to test it :-)

  4. gil

    Am i missing something ? the bos deville is supposed to be lighter (1990gr vs 2060gr), the RLC damper is (imo) far inferior to the rc2 in high speed terrain (also – who needs a lock in a 160mm fork ?) and the FIT technology has always been in the higher end 36 models (nothing new here).

  5. Heihei

    BOS Deville now lighter AND cheaper…nuff said!

  6. Vathana Song

    Had two Marzocchi forks, hated um so much. Weighed to much and they where consistent. Went to fox and fell in love.


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