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Dirt 100 2011: Fox 831

Dirt 100 2011: Fox 831

Dirt Intern

There was a time when dirt jump riders would settle for pretty much anything cheap and reliable when it came to forks, thinking that if they broke them coming up short it wasn’t the end of the world, but then along came the 831’s. Any dirt jumper, or 4X rider for that matter, who has ridden them immediately finds themselves never wanting to go back.

They’ve been designed from the ground up for the job in hand,with both the damping and the air spring specifically tailored to provide a great platform for a rider to push against, and to cope with big landings and compressions. They’ve also proved to be more than up to the job in terms of strength despite being so light. They are of course far from cheap, but then again products that are in a class of their own rarely are.

Check out the Fox 831 2011


Price: £749.00 – £769.00
mojo suspension 01633 615 815


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  1. Rui Couto

    When I read all this previews of forks, looks like all of them are the best and the ultimate thing. What’s the point?

  2. ML

    Can you get them in White or have I just dreamt that I have seen them in White before?

  3. Stefan

    … probably because all of them are the best in their category … for example: 888 evo ti -> smoothest, great damping. BOS idylle -> great damping, extremly easy to set up. Boxxer WC -> liiight as hell … but i don’t get the point in this one .. there is only one 4x fork .. and you say, they all seem to be the best and ultimate thing .. are you comparing 4x forks with trail forks? :/

  4. haha

    £750? For a dirt jumping fork? ROFLcopter.

  5. Afroman

    Absolutely mint fork this one.Been riding mine for 3 months now and wouldn’t dream of changing them. If anyone complains about the high price then they need to ride a pair!

  6. Morgan

    I’ve ridden on a couple pairs so far and am pretty unimpressed. Admittedly the first pair was poorly set up, blowing through it’s travel as soon as I even mentioned the words “weight shift”. But the other sets were neither here nor there, far from “a class of their own”. Yes they’re light weight and strong, but for all they are, they’re just a black pair of 32s with a firmer compression tune and a huge price hike for the privelage.
    Considering you can buy a half decent complete entry level DJ/4X bike for this price, I fail to see how these forks will dramatically change the way anyone rides. Hell, you could shop about and get two decent sets of forks for this price, one for DJ and one for 4X.
    I have to admit they do look sexy as hell though. Nearly as good as their fancy marketing spiel….

  7. Maximilian

    I vote for Morgan. What’s wrong with a Pike 454 Dual Air, a similar Revelation or even a Reba with bolt-on axle???

  8. fortwilly

    jesus!!! stop moaning, this is getting as bad as pink bike!!

  9. photoshopped

    props +1

  10. kleric

    These are probably the only 4x forks that are built for job. You would never see a donkey at the Grand National. Bottom line is they are mint, look sexy and perform like Red Rum

  11. rob cole

    I run Pike 454 Air U-Turns and my buddy runs the Fox 831 on his bike (we are both on the same frame – Mythic Rampant short travel)

    his 831s feel very much like my 454’s only lighter in weight, I’ve ridden his bike on pump tracks and DJs and the 831 works great

    if I kill my Pikes then 831’s will be my next fork choice 😉


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