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Dirt 100 2011: Fox 32 Float Fit RLC

Dirt 100 2011: Fox 32 Float Fit RLC

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If saving weight is your number one priority and you’re after a set of 140 or 150mm travel forks (these are available in both) then this is where you should put your money. As with the 36’s we reckon it’s worth trying to live without the Talas travel adjuster because these simple Floats just seem to work better.

The performance of the air spring comes so close to rivalling that of the coil sprung Vanilla that we’d take the weight saving any day. The 32’s have always been a great fork, but with their Kashima coating, FIT damper, and an improved spring rate curve these 2011 forks are better than ever.

Check out the Fox 32 Float Fit RLC

fox 32

price: £729.00 – £759.00
mojo suspension 01633 615 815


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