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Dirt 100 2011: Commencal Supreme 6

Dirt 100 2011: Commencal Supreme 6

Dirt Intern

If you don’t get the whole ‘mini DH’ thing then you’ve obviously never ridden one of these. It might not offer the high speed stability of a full on DH bike, but if you’re not racing we don’t think that’s an issue, especially when the result of that trade–off is more fun than you can shake a stick at and leech like cornering ability. With it’s low bottom bracket and nigh on faultless suspension performance (which we still don’t believe is only 160mm) it’s hard to beat this bike when it comes to grip, but it’s the agility of this bike that makes us love it so much. It keeps you on your toes, but in a good buzz kind of way, which you often won’t find on a DH bike, and basically it just inspires you to be an idiot with a massive grin on your face.

Price: £2999.99

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  1. Mag

    Looks ideal for Whistler.

  2. Doc Wat

    I think you are right Mag. A friend of mine rode one for a week in Whistler earlier in the year and was very very impressed.

  3. WAKi

    SX Trail seems to deserve being presented in this genre showroom before this Comaunshal…

  4. Joe

    Get over it.

  5. mike

    I have the ‘Comaunshal’. (hard to spell that!). Whatever the F that means. It replaced my SX. I like them both, they are good bikes! But to be fair they had totally different paint jobs and one had matching wheels, and well, I’m not going to try and lecture you all on the performance benefits of matching wheels….

  6. Prof

    Dear Dirt,

    In the Dirt 100 there are loads of professional touches which have been overlooked..

    – Lappiere DH Pendbox is missing a dust cap
    – Not all bikes are in the same gear
    – In 70% of the photos the tyre logos don’t sit in the same position
    – The seatposts are slammed down on the Orange bikes, why?
    – The rubber bands on some forks and shocks are not sitting straight
    – Not all bikes are new

    All these things annoy me, if I want to look at perfect bike parts they need to be perfect 😉

  7. DAVE

    Mike, how do the two compare?

  8. DaveyD

    A bit OCD their ‘Prof’! 😉

  9. Anon

    Every single one I saw in Whistler cracked… from ones there for a weeks holiday to the seasonaires

  10. XX Wilson

    This is a good bike, I spent the summer giving it all I could in Whistler and I stood up to most of it. I like the way it ride and how it looks. Im not the fastest rider on the hill but for my first DH bike this seemed perfect. It allowed me ride faster and hit moor technical trails it has definitely improved my riding.

    However, having had the bike 5 months I have some problems with it. I am very unhappy with the paint job on the bike it has chipped in all sorts of places where you least expect. I have also found a number of small cracks in both the rear swing arm and main frame.

  11. Mervin

    I’ve got one of these. After having the 2007 model, I loved the look of the lower-slung new design and bought the neon green 09 in June. It’s been a great bike to ride so far, more supple than the Supreme of old. Since buying it I’ve done a few races, some uplift, push-ups most weekends and a week in the alps and experienced no problems. However the the paint job leaves a lot to be desired. You only have to look at it a funny way for the paint to chip and flake. So far that is the only downside. I’ve heard about some Commencals cracking but (fingers crossed) it’s been so far so good with this one and I’m loving riding this beastie!!

  12. Mervin

    Hi Billy, I was just wondering if you could give us an update as to how Ed’s turquoise Mini DH that was featured in Dirt a while back is getting on? Jon seemed to love it in the Mountain of Hell race but how does it stand up to the abuse dished out at Dirt HQ? Any cracks on that one? Cheers

  13. Rich

    I’ve had one less than a month and I love it, such a fun bike but the paint is shit which so far is the only thing that’s let it down

  14. Nico

    This frame had 2% warranty returns, with some problems on 2009 model.
    So far from 2010 model year we had 2 frames cracked due to a wrong welding.
    A friend of mine stayed a full season in whistler and had no crack, I went 2 times in whistler, no crack.
    So no, this frames don’t have massive cracking problems.


  15. treehuggergraeme

    @Prof – you missed the typo on page 51


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