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Dirt 100 2011: Commencal Meta 4x

Dirt 100 2011: Commencal Meta 4x

Dirt Intern

Commencal bikes have a canny knack of feeling like they have more travel than they actually do, and this Meta 4X is no exception. It’s a result of the excellent linkage system and the benefit is that with this frame you get the kind of snappy feel and acceleration that you’d expect from any good 100mm travel bike, but then you also get the grip and comfort that you’d normally only associate with a longer travel bike. All that adds up to make a frame that’s far more versatile than its name suggests, especially with the adjustable head angle system. We’ve used a Meta 4X for everything, from a five hour epic, right through to uplift days, and never once has it felt out of place. We think it’s great value too.

Price: £1249.99

meta 4x


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  1. Fruity

    I love my 2009 4x! Its my do everything bike and has done a 40mile charity ride from Brighton to Guildford, Whites Level, loads of 7Stanes, etc.

    Its comfy, feels nice and solid and hasnt cracked!

    2011 is going to be a great year of biking. Anyway, off out to play in the fresh snow now :)

  2. Malcolm

    Does anybody know if you can get the latest incarnation without the atherton and animal branding all over it?…I’m looking to buy one but don’t really want it to be a billboard.

  3. Malcolm

    hang on a minute….is this frame actually available this year? I can’t find it anywhere on the new commencal website

  4. Bikeactive.

    The 2011 frames aren’t available yet which is why you cant see them. Hopefully Jan/Feb time. There is a few short 2010 frames left.

  5. John

    Anyone know what the maximum possible fork travel is on these? Know it is designed around a 100mmm fork, but I am sure I’ve seen people running them 120mm, and even 140mm…

    Though I could be wrong.

  6. Dirt dodger

    @ fruity – WOW you have used this across whytes etc, did you not get a bad back? Ive often thought of something like this as a ripper instead of a 140mm bike mainly down to chuckability and strength but the fear of crippling myself always put me off.

  7. wilkjd29

    @ John, I’ve got the 2007 meta 4x and run it with U turn pikes, they give it 95-140mm on the front, although u really need to use the slackest head angle setting for 140 not to just feel weird. This is an awesome frame though, really versatile and its true it feels like it’s got more travel than it does, put pro peddle on and its good for trails and the BMX track too. Love this bike!

  8. james sawyer

    Ive got a 2010 built up as a trail bike with 100mm fox floats on. Swap out the pedals and the seatpost and its good for mini dh and chicksands stuff. Really is the best all rounder. I have found with this bike you dont need more than 100mm. Only problem is riding it too hard!

  9. wICK

    is there an arrangement between Commencal and Diamondback ?


    their Knuclebox system as been around for a couple of years now.

  10. Dirt Diggler

    Love my Meta 4X and it truly does feel like it has more than 100mm of travel. Not often i get in the “Groove” when riding but more often than not thats how i feel when riding this bike. And ye i couldnt find this in the 2011 Commencal bike line up either, apart from this Animal/Atherton branding version.

  11. Leon

    A mate of mine has a commencal 4X , had a go on it the other day down my local trails , was such good fun I couldn’t stop grinning!

  12. Fruity

    @Dirt Dodger – Just like Wilkjd, I use uturn pikes with the slack head angle cups though I tend to leave my forks at around 120mm at it feels pretty good around that. I use a 1×9 setup with quite low gearing, so I dont get the luxury of a granny ring.

    I’m not that fit, but am averaging 2.5 hours for a lap of whites, which is nothing special. Having said that, this bikes FLIES on the way down trials! Its so confidence inspiring!

    Dalbeattie in Scottishland was immense fun, and I really dont see me wanting anything else for quite a while!

  13. Fruity

    Oh, I forget to mention, I am only 5 feet 6, so that probably helps 😉

  14. ronin

    how does this stack up against the Ndiza?

  15. dirt dodger

    Interesting reading guys….

  16. Dirt Diggler

    I built mine with Pikes although did think about upgrading to Fox 831’s. I like being able to adjust on the fly so have stuck with the Pikes so far. Ive also built it to last with Saint cranks and brakes. Would also recommend an adjustable seatpost for riding trail centres, best thing ive bought for my bike in years.

  17. Pete

    I use 110mm Marzocchi 4X forks on my long 2009 model, & it’s nothing short of superb. I’ve ridden it on stuff that I thought it would be out of its depth in, and it just takes it all.
    I built it to compliment my Commencal Furious and it does.
    It won’t take the really big hits, but when you get on it after the Furious you realise just how fast it accelerates, how quick it is and how light it is in the air (first time I’ve overjumped something!).
    It rides XC ok too. Ok it’s not the perfect riding position with a long seat post (400mm, I’m 5’11”), but it’s SO good on the descents that you will put up with it. I run it 1×9 too, with a wide ratio cassette & 36T chainring, & it will go almost anywhere.
    @ Dirt dodger, my back’s fooked & it doesn’t cause me any more problems than any other bike I’ve ridden.
    There isn’t a massive amount of seat height adjustment (about 80mm), so I have 2 seperate seatposts set up depending on what I’m doing. An adjustable seatpost would be an alternative to this, but I didn’t have a spare £200!
    A while back Gee was quoted as saying this was his favourite bike ever!


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