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Dirt 100 2011: BOS Idylle

Dirt 100 2011: BOS Idylle

Dirt Intern

Put simply, this fork is so good that we can’t even see the point in spending the extra wedge on the more expensive RaRe version. In terms of performance and adjustability it offers everything we want, and there really isn’t another fork that can touch it. The difference between it and others might not be massive, but it’s most definitely there, and when hundredths of a second count it can be those small differences that matter.

With just the two damping adjusters we also love their simplicity, they’re so easy to use and understand that it makes us question the need for any more adjusters. The only aspect of these forks that we can find any fault with is their weight, but we feel that their overall performance more than makes up for that, and that’s why once again you’ll find them in this list.

price: £1595.00 (price subject to exchange rate Fluctuations)
r53 engineering 07785 292 082



  1. sam

    Rode these, snapped them… they felt average at the best of times, havent got anything on a pair of recently serviced, Boxxer teams.

  2. jake

    boxxer teams ftw

  3. Ranx

    I realy expected to see something from Kowa in there as well…

  4. SamfromCham

    Wow man, snapping a BOS is hardcore ! They are supposed to be the strongest fork out there ! I do agree, Boxxer Teams work well when taken care of and your wallet can definitely feel the difference between the two …

  5. Will

    I’m pretty chuffed with mine. I’ve had boxxers and 40’s and I wouldn’t say these blow them away, they just feel more controlled and seem to get you out of trouble with less fuss – just one service a year is pretty rad, too.

  6. Furaxrider

    Sam, how did you snap them? It really helps everybody if you are more specific. For all I know, you did something that would’ve broken any fork.

  7. sam

    Well i was in spain doing test riding, i dont know whether they snapped before i hit the ground or after, dont really remember, but the front end definately didnt feel right. Sending me 30ft through a boulder garden down a scree slope. as far as i know im the only person to have ever snapped 1 tho.

  8. Furaxrider

    Ouch, that sucks. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again, these forks are supposed to be the business!

  9. simon

    hi everybody
    really, a bos suspension make the job perfectly
    and yes, a few french riders broke their forks like sam (everytime replaced by bos), but it’s claimed by the company, bos forks are not superstrong like fox 40 because then they don’t do their job as well

    for more info… be courageous :


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