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Dirt 100 2010: STANS NO TUBE

Dirt 100 2010: STANS NO TUBE

James Renwick James Renwick

The Stans No Tubes system was originally set up to allow riders with non tubeless rims and tyres to run tubeless. This system is still available as a set and many will benefit from this, but the sealant is also available separately. Stan’s sealant does exactly what it says on the tin, and does it surprisingly well. I have witnessed it seal pretty chunky gouges in tyres before. You should run some of this sealant when setting up any tubeless system as it will help keep you truly tubeless, rather than tubeless till a chunky thorn cuts through the bead and you have to revert to tubes again. Kind of defeats the whole object otherwise.

£80.00 for the full kit
Paligap 01179 823 673
www.paligapltd.co.uk, www.notubes.com


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  1. Rory

    How much does the sealant on it’s own cost?

  2. Tristan T

    I swear by this stuff. Best set up with a compressor. You can get any tyre to work with a little patience. Keep it topped up to get the full benefit, more fluid is better. You can inject more fluid to keep it working by removing the valve core and syringing it in. I have run some prettty low pressures, not 100% sure jow low you could go before peeling the tyre of the rim, so might not be ideal for low pressure DH use.You can still gash your tire though, so a tube is still worth having in your pack. Rode for over a year on my hardtail without a puncture. It looks like jizz in a bath but its the shizz…

  3. chill

    i think buying this stuff is stupid, you can just get a bottle of latex and then you add water, make your own consistency, like thicker for a DH tier and thinner for a xc.

  4. Fergal

    watery latex is not the same – the Stan’s contain particles that congeal on the tear/hole – normal latex doesn’t have these particles, thus it just squirts out the hole.
    2 years with no punctures (except torn sidewall)


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