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Dirt 100 2010: SHIMANO AM 40 FLAT SHOES

Dirt 100 2010: SHIMANO AM 40 FLAT SHOES

James Renwick James Renwick

While the styling definitely won’t be to everyone’s taste, some of the Dirt team have been thrashing the Shimano shoes around the globe for a few years and swear by them. The new AM40’s are a flat pedal only shoe and offer a ‘sticky’ sole from Vibram, which performs much like the Five Ten Stealth rubber, we also like the Velcro flap which helps prevent water and mud from getting through the laced area of the shoe. Functionally this is the best flat pedal shoe on the market, but styling is questionable in a Marmite kind of way…

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  1. oe

    These bad boys would look great with a lime green velour lounge suit and wide brimmed hat, or perhaps I would just look like a pimp! either way I kind of like these.

  2. Fordy

    Got them , had them about a year. Awesome grip keep all the shite out and there stiff but comfy

  3. Rich

    Well Styling wise I think it is no more Marmite than Five Ten Impacts which I think are some of the worst looking shoes on the market, while others may disagree. These AM40’s however I think look great!

    Five Ten made some better looking shoes with the freerider but I understand they don’t last as long Impacts, unfortunately it seems fugly = durability maybe? I hope these AM40’s take some abuse and live long!

  4. WAKi

    MHm… Im pretty surprised to see these here. Recently I spoke to the guy that owns other shimano shoes MP90s that have exactly the same Vibram sole with exactly same pattern, and look jylion times better than these. He said that they are absolutely better than regular skate shoes but 5.10s stick just best.

    Im also sceptical personaly as Vibram in hiking/mountaineering is a bit of a hype. It is usualy used by average companies to put a decent but not necessarily the best sole under their product. Every serious hiker, climber, mountaineer knows that best shoe companies make their own soles, which are better than Vibram. And one of those is 5.10

  5. Leon

    do they make them with any ankle support? and also they dont look as bad as the correctional footware called 5-10’s 😛

  6. Adam

    i’ve got these, they’re ace!

    they don’t absorb water like 5:10’s, and when they do get wet they dry much quicker too.

    they’re not made of paper like 5:10’s, so they won’t rot from the inside out.

    they’re not as grippy as 5:10’s – which i think is a good thing. adjusting your foot position can be almost impossible wearing 5’s, these shimano shoes are ‘just grippy enough’.

  7. Ben

    Have just thrown out my 5.10s as iv ridden them into the ground and bout a pair of these, have to say the soles on these are a little more rigid but there is no noticeable difference in grip, The uppers are the main difference the AM40s are much warmer and more waterproof than the 5.10s however i want to see what they are like in the summer as well, very good so far though! Also i agree with Adams comments about 5.10s being made of paper, one week theyre fine an the next theres a wopping great hole that goes right through to the sole where the cardboard sub-sole has decided to self destruct.


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