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We all like a little competition right? Well OK some of us claim not to, but deep down we all have a competitive streak. The combination of Freelap timing poles and watch allow us to live out our racing dreams (in private), whether it be against ourselves, trying to better times on a trail, or against our mates. Set up your poles at the top and bottom of the trail, or just in individual sections, and you have a great training facility or just a fun way to spend the day racing your mates. There is talk of a number of downhill venues permanently installing the Freelap mats (Gawton in Devon being one of them), so all you need is to turn up with your watch to start recording run times.

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  1. Tim

    We discovered at the weekend, that the watches give different times!
    So if you’re racing your mates, there watch may read up to 9/10ths faster on a run. That’s nearly a second different. Bit piss considering the years worth of weekend battles we’ve had!

    Has anyone else found this?

  2. ed@dirt

    How did you discover this? Did you get one rider to wear two watches? If so did they wear them on the same arm or one on each? I’m just thinking that if they were on different arms then one wouldn’t enter the ‘timing field’ quite as soon as the other one.

  3. Tim

    We did a few runs with the watches on the same wrist then when we got home plonked the pole in the street and walked backwards away from the pole with the watches right next to each other. The poles had new batteries and the watches both had new batteries (out of a two pack, so they were both the same). Interesting. We’re going to try it out with another two watches this weekend, will let you know the results.

    Cheers Tim

  4. ed@dirt

    Yeah that does sound pretty interesting…and weird. We’ll try and test it out here too, but let us know your further results and if the same happens again then we’ll mention it to freelap and see what they have to say about it…

  5. Freelap

    Dear friends,

    The accuracy is same for both stopwatches.

    The problem comes from the beep.

    It’s not allowed to wear 2 stopwatches on the same wrist:

    If one stopwatch detect the signal 0.02 second early, it makes around 0.2 seconds shift.

    The only way to get an accurate timing system is to fix the stopwatch on the handlebar (bike) or on the sprint belt (athletic).

    By this way, the accuracy is around 0.02 sec , 0.05 sec if the trajectory is not the same (see TX manual on freelap website, field shape).


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