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Dirt 100 2010: CHARGE BLENDER

Dirt 100 2010: CHARGE BLENDER

James Renwick James Renwick

Why do we like the Blender so much? Well because it is the perfect do–it–all hardtail…a brilliant woods bike. Hit berms, jumps and drops with confidence, put some XC miles in or hit the trails, all on the same bike. Riding the Blender is a joy and will sharpen your riding skills much more than that bloated 6” travel bike around your local woods.

£1099.99, Frame: £269.99
Charge Bikes 01202 732 288



  1. chris

    i just bought one and i love it!

  2. Nick Hamilton

    I couldnt agree more! Buying one last year has transformed my riding… Thankyou cycle to work scheme!!

  3. Drew

    Mine is all wrapped up until Christmas! Can’t wait to take her out…

  4. chris

    you wont be dissapointed, it can handle anything from xc to dh! admittedly it is hard to pedal up the hill, but the downs are always worth it on one of these!

  5. matt

    not the best picture ever

  6. Gogzee

    Brilliant fun bike with a set of Pikes on,can’t afford Titanium though :-(

  7. Jimmy

    neither can I mate, but the Mid is still facking tough eh! My X4 mech snapped the other day, just from casing a jump slightly. But that was bound to happen at some point. My favourite bike. It makes me smile lots.

  8. Tom

    I’m about to order one of these, 2010 with the Argyles? or there is one left (2009) with the Pikes for £1000?

    I like the idea of the Pikes but the 2010 looks better, what’s best for quick blasts around the woods and some good down’s and jumps?

    Although I like the black too… hmm…

  9. Mark

    This bike is a hoot to ride anywhere. Trails, pump tracks, jumps, to the pub . . . anywhere.
    Other than long haul climbs its just awesome everywhere.
    on a short local woods loop, i am way quicker and feel more involved in the ride than my 6″ AM.
    Super stoked to own one. I got one of the last 2010 mid’s left over in the summer.
    Feels good to be part of the ‘Charge’ family, i like their ethos, style and attitude towards biking.


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