The SX trail has long been a favourite of the Dirt staff, perfectly balanced with a low centre of gravity and aggressive geometry, it inspires you to throw it into corners and whip it out over jumps and crests with confidence. Hill and Fairclough opted for the SX at this year’s World Champs in Oz due to the course featuring so many berms and jumps, while the bike retains a great rear end to cope with the rough stuff.
Available as two spec builds, the top of the range 2 model will set you back an extra £700 from the SX 1 model featured here. This is the Bikepark bike that all others are defined by and is right up there as the best of its class.

£2,499.99 (SX 1) £3,299.99 (SX 2)
Specialized 0208 391 3530



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  1. Jase

    Those cables on the underside still, its only fault!

  2. Adam

    it’s a great bike in theory, but for anyone over 5’11″ – you’ll be faced with a reach measurement of 430mm on the large.

    that’s roughly the same as saying it’s got a 25″ top tube, which is insane for a bike like this – it’s longer than my xc bike!

    (sorry for the confusing mix of imperial and metric measurements, but that’s bikes for you)

  3. treehuggergraeme

    I’m still confused as how Specailized went from producing the best looking bike ever in the form of the original SX, to this… urrgh, i feel sick looking at this bike.

    It probably rides great, and not all of specialized’s bikes look bad this year, but come on…

  4. antennae

    @treehuggerg, I reckon this year’s in black looks pretty sweet:


    ….it will bring a whole world of wallet pain, though

  5. Chris Crash


    Think your way off on the reach assessment. I have a large SX at 6’1″ and frankly if it was any smaller it would be a medium…I fit as per 90% of fit charts out there and the SX ain’t long in reach or TTT. If I wanted to match my XC bike reach I would need a 120-130mm stem vs a 90 or 100.

    Stoked on the bike though. Has rekindled my passion for Freeride. After riding XC/ Endurance and a lot of 29ers my old Norco Shore wasn’t doing anything for me but the SX tracks, corners and pedals so well my other bikes might just get a break for a while.. Nice work Specialized minus the cable routing as Jase pointed out ;)


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