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2013 Dirt 100: Specialized Carbon Demo

2013 Dirt 100: Specialized Carbon Demo

Specialized Carbon Demo

Another bike experiencing a re-birth with the latest cool material – carbon fibre – is the already world-dominating Specialized Demo. Troy Brosnan convincingly won the 2011 Junior World Championships on his carbon Demo alongside his then team-mate Brendan Fairclough who placed fifth in the seniors at the same race, and Sam Hill proved the bike’s worth and reliability for his top five overall finish in the 2012 World Cup.

But does the carbon make that much difference? More to the point, does it need to? The Demo has already proved its worth with its many titles and has become a key player in the privateer downhill rider’s market, so there was clearly no need to radically change the dimensions of the bike, and a lighter, more robust material can surely only make this bike even more desirable.

However the new price tag may deter many potential buyers, but those in the know will understand that these materials are not cheap and you get what you pay for; a high-performance, world beating dream machine.

Price: S-Works Frame £3500.00
Complete £4000.00

Specialized UK 02083 913 500


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  1. Big_Tim

    £3500 for the frame or £4000 for the complete bike? Either getting ripped off buying just the frame or getting an amazing deal on the complete shebang….

    1. Hancock

      Spesh frames have always been a complete piss take, they want to sell you completes!

    2. chris

      I’m afraid you might need to do your research, your ‘plan’ has many many flaws…lol

  2. ja gerne

    I would buy the complete, sell the frame for 3500 sell the parts for 2000, then with my 1500 gained from this traffic i would by the yt tues and just have to spend 1000 for the bike of the year.

    1. IbisMojoHDamon

      Who would buy a second hand frame for the same price as a brand new one?

  3. chris

    Frame only option is the S-WORKS model, also look at the shock, a budget van R as opposed to the CCDB you get on the frame only option, hence the price difference. The spec of the full build is pretty terrible too tbh.

    1. steeve

      “also look at the shock” –> you should also do so .. because it’s a RC4.
      the carbon model is just nonsense … you get the aluminium one with the top-build for the same price as the cheap carbon one …… the carbon can’t be that much better

      1. chris

        actually the top alu model is 5k as appossed to 4k. Ive ordered the s works carbon frame so will soon be able to tell you how it compares to last years top model full build, but I wouldn’t call it nonsense. Also as I said it comes with the cane creek which is a faar better shock than rc4 and for the carbon, the benefits have been proven and don’t need to be mentioned, yes at a price but at a price some people are willing to spend. Anyway I’m stoked to get the carbon frame built up!

  4. Machete

    i actually prefer this bike in alloy. don’t really see the appeal of spending painful amounts of money for plastic. i bet you couldn’t tell the difference in a blind test

    1. Oz

      I know you were being cynical but carbon fibre really isn’t plastic.

  5. Tomo

    The only thing special about Specialized Is the price!

  6. Howie

    I’d have one, but not at that spec!
    Also, @chris, if the CCdb is that good why have I seen 3snap on demos? The shaft is too thin for the high compression rate on the demos.
    And unless your very good at twiddling dials on the CCdb I don’t think you’d be able to tell the difference.

    Love the frames, but price is a bit ott compared to a full build.

    1. jimferno

      Nothing to do with a ‘high compression rate’, whatever that may be?

      A large amount of Demos came out of the factory with misaligned rear ends(http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/8871678/), if you have a bad one it puts too much strain on the shock shaft.

      Shocks with a thicker shaft are able to withstand the extra strain put on them from a wonky frame.

      1. CrashNBurn

        The Frames are made in a jig and if teh rear end is assembled incorrectly then it pulls to one side (I.E only do the bolts up when assembled is the correct way). The shock shaft has been increased on the shock as there was a stress riser on the thread area on the shock shaft causing the failure of the eariler shocks.

  7. Adam

    I ordered the full bike and swapped the parts out that I didn’t need. I can honestly say the carbon model does ride better (this is my 5th demo)- it corners slightly better,quicker acceleration and personally I much prefer the RC4 over the CCDB.


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