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2013 Dirt 100: Shimano DX SPD

2013 Dirt 100: Shimano DX SPD

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray


Probably the pedal with the most downhill podium visits in recent times is the DX from Shimano and it’s almost a classic design now, but it’s also one that we don’t see any need to change. It’s amazing that you can get a quality piece of kit like this with so many intricate details and so much functionality for less than most flat pedals retail at, and that’s before you even start to consider the great lifespan of Shimano’s bearings. Easy to clip in and out of, lots of space for mud to exit between the main pedal body and the resin cage (which is far stronger than you’d ever imagine), and the whole platform gives enough surface area for your foot to sit on when you are unclipped yet it doesn’t interfere with getting clipped back in. We can’t see these disappearing from the top step of podiums any time soon, nor can we imagine anyone coming up with a better combination of functionality against cost. Good old Shimano.

Price: £79.99


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  1. Klimpop

    It’s funny because they are basically never on a downhill world cup podium

  2. g

    true that. Even top shimano sponsored athletes choose not to use them.

  3. Pete

    @Klimpop and g

    I was wondering when the podium police would turn up

  4. Eldorado

    Compound tib/fib fracture with those classics.


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