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2013 Dirt 100: Santa Cruz V10

2013 Dirt 100: Santa Cruz V10

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray


“Definitely the modern classic when it comes to DH bikes” reads the 2012 Dirt 100, and what changes can we expect for 2013? Very few, thankfully, and why would they change such a proven design?

New paint schemes are the only evident addition to the near-perfect bike and that swing-arm is still aluminium (a full-carbon frame is still in the making). Santa Cruz are one of the few companies that are licensed to use the ‘VPP’ (Virtual Pivot Point) suspension design, something that they quietly tout with a sticker on the chain-stay of the bike, and a system that has stood the test of time simply because it works so well! When you put the power down on this bike, you know about it.

What can we tell you to reiterate this bike’s superiority over all but possibly one? Sleek looks, planted yet playful ride character, supreme full-build kit and fantastic track-record. Steve Peat recently raced his twentieth World Championship on-board a V10 that he personally had painted in his favourite colours (the British colours, of course), and the bike looked every bit the part of a legendary collaboration, a machine that has carried Peaty through the latter stages of his career and one that has become as honed as the man himself.

Price: Frame £2999.00, Complete £6599.00
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  1. Mo(n)arch

    It’s now in teh full carbon and weighs a lot less too now.
    You wrote this a bit too early.

  2. Oz

    Edit>Copy Edit>Paste

  3. Eoin

    “superiority over all but possibly one?” Which one? BOTY went to the Tues, are you saying the YT is better than the V10? Genuine question.

    1. Neil

      Yes, it’s bit hard to tell which downhill bikes are supposed to be “the best of the best” as they seem to have just put all of them into the Dirt100 this year. Apparently the ones that stand out from the rest are the Santa Cruz V10…… or Demo… or Session…. or YT… or Intense…. or Scott Gambler…. or Wilson….. or Morewood…… or Orange 322….. or Mondraker…. or Laryrinth… So I think basically as long as you don’t buy a Giant Glory, you’re good.

      1. Eoin

        Wait for tomorrow, you never know :)

      2. Adam Hicks

        Bollocks… I have a glory!

  4. Steve

    They should have put the Giant Glory 2013 in the list…what an awesome bike!!!!!


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