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2013 Dirt 100: ROCKSHOX REVERB

2013 Dirt 100: ROCKSHOX REVERB

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Smooth running, infinitely height-adjustable and as desirable as a seat-post could possibly be, the Rockshox Reverb is the pinnacle of enduro chic and lusted after by nearly all riders.

Rockshox have solved the problem of the static cable with their Stealth Reverb, although the necessity of internal hose routing for it is not the most user friendly. Any minor details can be forgiven though as the hydraulic system makes the process of raising the seat unbelievably buttery smooth, an action that can even be speed controlled with the functional dial that lies behind the bar-mounted release lever/button. We have seen several of the levers break in crashes which is really the only gripe, but if you mount it under your bar it’s far better protected.

The seemingly high price tag doesn’t seem unjustified; a dropper post like this can, and will, revolutionise your bike.

PRICE: Standard £299.99 Stealth £329.99

Fisher Outdoor Leisure 01727 798 340


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  1. Daire

    230euro for a stealth on merlincycles atm

  2. Taff Frewin

    The Reverb makes a massive difference to my bike and I love it; but I’m not sure that I could recommend buying one.

    They are a massive expense, and having recently broken my remote button when I caught my knee on it, replacing the button cost me £50. Not the whole remote, just the button, which to my eye looks like it has a manufacturing cost of a few quid.

    If I’d needed the whole remote it would have cost me £100.

    Out of the four riders in my group of regular riding friends, three of us have broken the remote at some stage.

    1. WAKi

      Do yourself a great favour and find someone who will make for you a piston CNCd from stainless steel. Stock piston is a soft mould of cheese and bronze, crap as hell. Many people break them with their baggy pants.

      If you can’t get a hold of Reverb one, get a slightly cheaper Xloc. It fits but it’s not perfect.

      I have no idea why RS has not adressed that problem since 3 years. Maybe Boobie gets only 3% of his workign time for developing a new one 😀

      1. Hancock

        Maybe at £50 a pop it’s a nice little earner?


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