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2013 Dirt 100: RockShox Lyrik RC2 DH

2013 Dirt 100: RockShox Lyrik RC2 DH

RockShox Lyrik RC2 DH

It’s hard to define the purpose of the Lyrik without using the term ‘freeride’; these are more than a trail fork, but less than a full-on DH one. But there is more of a place for the Lyrik in the current riding trend than ever, because if you like riding down hills and occasionally up, then you’ll be after something strong, long-travel, reliable and adjustable.

The Lyrik RC2 DH does all of those better than any other, and at a reasonable price. Available with air or coil spring, and weighing from 2180grams, they are pretty light for something of their ilk too.

RockShox’s famously easy to use set-up charts will also ensure that you get them working just right, and perhaps that’s one reason why every set we’ve tried have felt spot-on. The ease with which they can be serviced is the final icing on the cake.

Fisher Outdoor Leisure: 01727 798340


Price: £799.99

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  1. josh

    Not sure why you’d pick these over the Ti 55’s?

    1. matt

      cheaper and better travel adjustment, easier to service?

      1. Cheese dick

        It’s only 50 quid more but it’s performance is way better than the Lyriks. And it aint exactly hard to do an oil change. Which you only need to do every 6 months at worst compared to every 15 hours riding time as recommended by Sram. And who really wants travel adjust anyway? My 55’s have been faultless since I got them a year ago, just an initial oil change and I did it again over xmas.

      2. Josh

        Pretty much whats said above.
        Drop the lowers, pop the old seals out, new ones in and fresh oil. Service done.
        I rode my 55s for probably a good 18 months – 2 years without an oil change without any reduction in performance.
        I know people cant get their heads around the fact that Marzocchi turned a corner with their 2010 models but if they could they’d realise how awesome the current batch of forks are.

  2. BananaHammock

    I’d pick the Lyrik because I don’t want/need a 170mm single crown that weighs nearly as much as a Boxxer.

    The 55 has grown too much. Should have capped it at 160mm & concentrated on losing half a kilo out of it.

    I’d hope it was bloody good and reliable, it’s built like a tank.

  3. cheese dick

    My 55 weighs in at 2450g. So only 300g give or take over the AIR sprung Lyric. Probably around the same weight for a coil Lyric. Definately a more reliable and smoother performer than the Lyrik. Can take a proper beating. No plastic inside it, unlike the lyrik.

  4. ronin

    xfusion vengeance is worth a look in this range

    1. cheese dick

      Yep thats true, I tried a set and they were superb, far better than I was expecting.


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