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2013 Dirt 100: Rock Shox Monarch Plus

2013 Dirt 100: Rock Shox Monarch Plus

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray


Something that RockShox are very good at is making simple yet effective products, and this Monarch Plus with its seemingly basic three-way compression damping control is a classic example of that. Some shocks are almost infinitely tuneable, some can be set up with rider specific internals, but that does not mean the Monarch is any less able. If anything the opposite is true.

With the current trend of all-mountain riding taking over the sport and integrating elements of all the different disciplines, a shock that can handle rugged descents and stand up to jumps of all varieties whilst keeping the weight low is becoming increasingly essential. As far as reliability goes, this is up there with the best, which is another ‘must’ for the modern breed of hardy mountain biker, and you can rest assured that it won’t let you down.

The standard Monarch is also a notable shock but isn’t aimed at the rigours of the enduro and hard-riding market, so we prefer this Monarch Plus.

Price: £379.99
Fisher Outdoor Leisure 01727 798 340


  1. Ronin

    This shock turned my ’11 enduro into an angry controllable beast.

    1. Jerome

      As in Specialized Enduro? Where did you get it from because I can’t seem to find the right size shock!

  2. Ronin

    Jerome- yes a specialized enduro. Found it @ Push in the U.S. I imagine tricky to find anywhere else in the world cuz off the new linkage on the ’13 enduros now.
    I don’ remember the UK tuning service’s name. They may be able to help as it requires changing stroke and machining for the clevis mount.

    Pinkbike based in Canada has a buy/sell forum and you can run across a monarch plus there at times. I know guys who have fitted ccdb coils on as well. Just a bit of work to address the clevis mount. Good luck.


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