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2013 Dirt 100: Morewood Makulu

2013 Dirt 100: Morewood Makulu

Morewood Makulu

Whilst some manufacturers change their designs annually or every couple of years, Morewood struck gold with theirs several years ago and apart from a change to the shape of the top tube they’ve stuck with it, something that we can be grateful for. BOS suspension is tough to beat in bump-devouring and grip-producing ability and so a bike that was designed around a BOS shock was always bound to make an impression on the world.

We’re more than glad to see this partnership is enduring and the optional Void air shock (pictured) makes for a dream pairing. A frame and shock combo like this really can’t be bettered, the angles are spot-on for the all but most extreme downhiller (with a stock head-angle of 64 degrees), and the three sizes ensure that nearly all heights are catered for.

What else is there to say? Mick Hannah and his sister Tracy have finally given the bike the podium presence that it is so easily capable of, proving that this is not only one of the best privateer options but worthy of the best riders in the world. There still isn’t a specific UK distributor unfortunately, which is puzzling considering the bike’s potential and popularity, so you’ll have to go to Sports Nut in Germany to place your order.

Price: Frame with BOS Void £2499.00
Complete from £3599.00

Sports Nut: 00497 1211 447 740


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  1. wavy

    you can buy them at http://www.southside-mountainbiking.com as well.

  2. Bikeactive.com

    You can buy them in the UK from http://www.bikeactive.com. We have been selling Morewood Bikes for about 4 years now.

  3. Digger

    You can buy your Morewood from Bikeactive if you want but good luck getting any kind of backup or help if anything goes wrong.

  4. Dh dude

    Available at Derry-air-cycles, (based near Cannock Chase)
    The Derryair downhill race team will be making a return for 2013 on-board the Makulu, come and test ride the bikes at the races.
    Email; derryaircycles@sky.com for availability on all Morewood bikes and Frames

    1. dirt dodger

      cyu on the hill Chris 😉

  5. Free advertising!

    Hey I have an idea… I’ll use a public and free site to pimp my own business… that’s a great novel idea!

    LAME Derryair and Bikeactive, very lame.

  6. Bikeactive

    Its not lame at all. The reason Derryair Cycles and ourselves have put comments is because the article indicates that you have to buy Morewood Bikes direct from Germany which is not the case.

  7. Bikeactive

    Is there anything we can help with Digger? As far as we know we do not have any outstanding issues apart from waiting for a few spare springs for Bos suspension. If you have a problem with a Morewood purchased from us give us a ring or drop us an email.

  8. Party boy

    Free advertising!!!! I think the guy who wrote that post may be a bit jealous of bike shops :0)

  9. Digger

    No thanks Bikeactive, I bought my Makulu from elsewhere after my pals experience with you. His Makulu was faulty from new yet he had to do all the running around calling and emailing you for over 3 months awaiting a replacement part. You gave several different excuses including the part not arriving in the shipment to the part not being available for a while to the German distributors being poor to respond due to the language barrier. In the end you stopped replying to his emails and calls so he went direct to Morewood who in turn contacted the German distributors. The German distributors said the part was available the whole time and sent it out within 3 days direct to him and after missing a large part of the season he was able to finally ride his expensive new Morewood. The impression I was left with was that once Bikeactive have your hard earned cash they really don’t care. My pal is far too nice a guy and never pursued it, I personally would have read them the riot act and demanded a refund.

    1. Stumppumper

      Any further insights?
      How’s your imaginary, “Pal,” getting on with his imaginary Morewood?
      Any more fictitious dealings with German distributors we might all be interested in?

  10. Wrong

    Sorry digger – but as someone who deals with sportsnut, I can unequivocally say you are wrong. Sportsnut’s English is perfect, they just speak with an accent if you have them over the phone, but that is it.


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