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2013 Dirt 100: MAVIC CROSSMAX SX

2013 Dirt 100: MAVIC CROSSMAX SX

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

We all know that enduro style riding and racing is where a lot of development is happening in the sport right now. The discipline has taken off in a big way thanks in part to the change in the way bikes are constructed, and aside from a lightweight super-strong carbon frame, if you want to take your enduro seriously then you really should invest in a set of these Crossmax SX wheels.

At well under two kilos for a pair it really is amazing that Mavic have managed to make these wheels so strong – they are bombproof – making them all the better for hard riders.

Mavic full-builds are also top quality so you can rest assured that these will be ride-able straight out of the box and won’t need constant re-truing. Put simply, this is THE wheel-set for hard trail and enduro riders.

Mavic’s optional MP3 service (www.mavic-mp3.com) also offers a two-year warranty program, which includes crash damage, for all wheels purchased at an authorised Mavic dealer, although it will cost you a little bit.

Price: £660.00

Mavic UK 01276 404 870



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  1. Dave

    I have to disagree that these wheels do not need constant tuning. Countless times both the front and rear hubs have come loose. Before each and every ride I have to make sure they’re tightened properly, creating quite an annoyance. I will say that they are indeed bombproof, though, as I haven’t taken it easy on them. They’re great wheels, I’d just prefer that I didn’t always have the thought of the hubs coming loose in the back of my mind when I’m out on the trail.

  2. Dan

    Have also had a couple of issues with a 2010 rear hub. It worked loose once with me noticing, got dry/wet/dry etc. Sorted that. Then a few months later I took the hub apart for a service and the freewheel body had cracked significantly (but working). Had to replace it with a full hub kit as Mavic changed the axle design. However, still can’t rate these bad boys enough what with taking all the abuse I give them.

  3. Ito

    Had issues with an 2012 rear hub coming loose after every ride. After having to convince Mavic with pictures and letters from my local distributors, they replaced the hub with an 2013 version that seemed to solve the issue. For such an expensive wheel set, I would expect MUCH better reliability.


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