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2013 Dirt 100: Lapierre Spicy 916

2013 Dirt 100: Lapierre Spicy 916

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray


Looking at the Spicy you’d think that it’s a 140mm bike with its sleek lines and minimalist construction, but what we have here is the king of enduro race bikes, a super lightweight, Nicolas Vouilloz inspired and developed workhorse that was born to accept nothing but victory.

Attention to detail is key in Lapierre’s success, and looking at the unbeatable finish of the beautifully crafted carbon frame is testament to that. Not the cheapest of bikes, and perhaps the components are questionable when compared to the YT or Nukeproof (both at half the price of the Spicy), but then if you have the cash why not go for something as close to perfection as this frame?

Those buying into the Lapierre brand know they are getting a real stamp of quality and if all that you are interested in is ultimate performance and time-shaving attention to detail then not many bikes are going to better the Spicy.

Price: Complete £4899.99
Hotlines 01313 191 444


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  1. Diego Bustillos

    This looks awesome

  2. alperry

    Nice one Billy but I think you forgot in the section ….” If all that your interested in is ” to lmao

  3. wy

    It is very expensive, but i wouldn’t change a thing on it except of the saddle. Good job LP!

  4. Romano

    it’s a 160 mm (140 mm is the Zesty)

    1. Neil

      I think you need to read the text again…

  5. Zero Cool

    Does it have a press fit BB? If yes, then I’m out. If not, then it looks awesome


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