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2013 Dirt 100: KS LEV SEATPOST

2013 Dirt 100: KS LEV SEATPOST

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray


The Lev seatpost features a little something that no-one else has managed to yet master; the static cable. With the cable fixed in place – that is, not needing a large loop of ‘slack’ that is then fixed to the moving part of the post – what KS have produced is probably the most reliable dropper post on the market.

No moving cable means it doesn’t bunch up and get in the way, and we have used the Lev for over six months with absolutely no maintenance needed. The release button is not as smooth as some but it is solid with no protruding lever and therefore it will stand up to all but the biggest of crashes – snapped release levers is a problem that so many other posts suffer from.

All in all, a highly reliable, smooth operating dropper seatpost that still manages to come in at a competitive price. Worth noting is that KS claim to also have a 27.2 version in the pipeline that should be available before the end of the year.

PRICE: £324.99

Pure Racing 0845 475 5075


  1. ciflefiaste


  2. Dirtmonsta

    These may be great but with no UK distributor they are bloomin hard to get hold of. There is also zero support for service, warranty and maintenance. I’ve just ordered one from Germany with a two year warranty and freepost back to them if there is an issue. One UK online store, who had some in stock, said they were sold with no warranty – WTF. With droppers being so temperamental I think that’s one hell of a bad deal.

    With a UK disti these could be the go to dropper. Can someone take them on please. If what people are saying on the web is true you’d be on to a winner.

    They also have a 6 inch drop and it is the only 27.2 post worth having (unless you’re happy to regularly service your gravity dropper).

  3. Glyn

    Dirtmonsta. I agree. If you got the 27.2, you mind measuring min insertion point to rail height for me? Can’t find it anywhere, not sure if she’s quite long enough…cheers dude


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