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2013 Dirt 100: Intense M-9

2013 Dirt 100: Intense M-9

Intense M-9

Shape is key to an Intense downhill bike; these things certainly aren’t subtle but they sure are sexy, the result of many years of hard graft, refinement and one of the wealthiest podium histories of any manufacturer on the scene.

Shaun Palmer first rode an M-1 at the ‘96 World Champs and ever since then Jeff Steber (the company owner) has been morphing the bike into various different incarnations. What we have now is “the first downhill specific race frame that can be tweaked and tuned to tame any track” (Intense) – something that we can’t deny when looking at the frame’s vitals: adjustable bottom bracket, head-angle, wheel-base and shock travel make this the most tune-able bike out there.

You know that with any Intense you are buying into a brand with passion superior to any other, they seem to have a clear view of what they wish to achieve and that is out-and-out race winning potential. What you also get with this M9 is a true downhill bike, one that likes to be thrown in at the deep end and smashed down the most severe of tracks, there’s no messing with an M-9.

Price: Frame with Cane Creek DB £2699.00

Extra UK 01933 672 170



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  1. Dim


  2. james

    All went pair shaped when they went to VPP

    1. Not James

      all went pear shaped when you forgot how to spell

  3. Daire

    I think these are some of the ugliest bikes out there. No denying they are fast though!

    1. Pedro Brajal
  4. Roby

    are we gonna see carbon M-9? :) I think it’s gonna happen soon!!

  5. gee

    This has been around a while – why does it make the 100 this yeat, and not in previous years?

  6. Tobias Wildebeast

    This year’s Dirt 100 consisted of a lot of bikes with no useful commentary to distinguish between most of them. Surely the point of the 100 is to get to a meaningful shortlist, rather than 6 or so DH bikes all the with commentary that they are great. If you can’t narrow down to any less than 6 frames, you should at least explain the niche each bike covers.


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