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2013 Dirt 100: HOPE TECH EVO V2 BRAKES

2013 Dirt 100: HOPE TECH EVO V2 BRAKES

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray


Every single product that comes out of Hope’s factory looks like it has had the care and attention of every single member of the company, and no one can deny the beauty of their components. But Hope’s assets stretch beyond looks and the Tech Evo V2 is just that; tech. Look at the functionality of the levers themselves and you will understand – the ‘on-the-fly’ adjustable reach and bite point adjustment knobs are almost industrial when compared to some companies’ attempts to incorporate the same features, and their practicality is undoubted.

There was a time when Hope DH brakes suffered when taken to Alpine hillsides but those days are long-gone, and with either a floating or vented rotor option available along with braided hoses you are sure never to suffer brake fade. The grippy surface, smooth operation and easily interchangeable ambidextrous ‘flip-flop’ design (the reservoir is capped on both the top and bottom) of the lever makes it all the more impressive. Round all of this off with probably the best customer service in mountain biking and you’ve got a great option for a UK downhill rider.

PRICE: Standard hose £125.00, Braided hose £135.00
Hope 01282 851 200


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  1. steve's had enough!

    are these x2’s or v2’s?

  2. I've had enough too

    Typo’s all round, I’d be going mad if I was Hope, these are the V2’s!

  3. ThreeM

    These Pictures shows 3 diffentet typs of breaks. Hope Tech Evo X2 calipper (black)
    Hope Tech Evo V2 calipper (silver)
    Hope Trail Zone (blacklever)

    1. intense4life

      isn’t the black reservoir body/lever just the ‘race’ body rather than the dual sided ‘tech’ lever body. Also you cant see which calliper body it is on the silver X2 or V2 piston calliper. Come on Dirt! …. whats the deal with this? I presume the X2 isnt going to be able to run the vented rotors which are mentioned in the review as only the V2 has a wide enough pad span within the calliper body? I’m sure your proof reader has already got his/her P45, so i could help out if you need?

      1. intense4life

        on closer inspection, it is the silver X2 piston calliper in the pic.

  4. Think then speak

    It’s getting like oink bike for people making up there own shit on articles if your saying there’s 3 brakes in this article your wrong as hope use the same levers on a lot of other brakes on offer so there are only 2 levers and 2 calipers. Now what really matters is the write up because if you are a consumer and are looking for new brakes you read the article and look at the pics and buy the time you have google images the brakes at all different angles you will be sure of what to expect in the post. I have a feeling dirt placed the v2? In the article to purely show the other lever option as they probably didn’t have a silver x2. There only doing there job and I doubt any of you lot would like people to comment on your work skills day in day out cos no doubt you all have slack days and some times have days where you need to think outside the box. Buy hope brakes they are back in the game these days and there British.

  5. billy

    Ah, yes, well the problem was that when we first got the brakes Hope didn’t know if the brakes were called V2, X2 or R2D2!

    Our goldie looking proof reader, CP30, has had his biscuit ration reduced but one hobnob this week as punishment.

    (Oh and we’ve replicated the photos as they appear in the print mag just to keep some continuity.)

    1. Hancock

      I want Hope R2D2 brakes! Although pulling the lever and getting a set of snarky bleeps could be an… interesting way to get down a mountain.

  6. james

    will it blend


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