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2013 Dirt 100: Hope Race EVO X2 Brakes

2013 Dirt 100: Hope Race EVO X2 Brakes

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Ever the masters of machining beautiful looking bike parts, something that Hope also do rather well is to make some of the best performing and most developed brakes available.

We love this Race Evo X2 because of its minimalist intentions without a single bit of braking power sacrificed. Nothing has changed for 2013, which is a good thing of course, and the brake still features a slim line lever which is CNC machined from an aircraft spec aluminium billet, as is the caliper, and the whole package is held together by a combination of titanium and aluminium bolts – the brake is as pimp as they come.

Raw stopping power has always been unbelievable on Hope brakes and even this racey number holds up to that reputation, we’ve never suffered a lack of power even on the fastest of downhill tracks.

PRICE: £155.00
Hope 01282 851 200


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