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2013 Dirt 100: Fox Flux

2013 Dirt 100: Fox Flux

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray


Having a good fitting helmet must be the most important part of any mountain bike rider’s kit, and there are few that come close to the Flux in terms of fit and comfort.

The Flux has a deeper-than-most shell combined with their easy to use fitting system that has a huge range of adjustment, making it a comfortable fit for nearly all head shapes and sizes, something that not all helmet manufacturers can boast. Looks are always high on the list of priorities with Fox, and this helmet is no exception; sure, it could do without the rear ‘spoiler’ which realistically has no function, but it plays into the helmet’s overall styling and wearing one leaves you to rest assured that you look the part, with the helmet’s list of safety certificates ensuring that your bonce is safe for when you inevitably do come a cropper.

PRICE: £70.00

Fox Europe 01914 876 100


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  1. Zero Cool

    Had one of these for years, just about the only XC/Road/AM lid that doesn’t look like a giant mushroom on my massive swede of a head. Dead comfy and cheap as well

    Tom KP


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