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2013 Dirt 100: ESI GRIPS

2013 Dirt 100: ESI GRIPS

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

These ESI grips are essentially a tube of silicone moulded with the hole slightly off centre. They are extremely comfortable and great for riders who suffer with sore hands on long descents as the silicone offers brilliant shock absorption, especially when compared to lock-on grips. As a matter of fact, riders ‘in the know’ racing in enduro choose these over all others as they are so easy on your hands.

They’re available in two widths, the Chunky and Racer’s Edge, either will treat your hands well, and we haven’t found many riders who don’t like the feel or the hugely grippy nature of the silicone. Of course, there has to be a trade-off somewhere, and unfortunately these are not going to adorn your bike with the ease of application that a lock-on grip gives, in fact they can be a bit of a faff to get to sit solidly, but this is more than excusable for those who struggle to keep hold of the bars with harder compound grips.

PRICE:Racers Edge £15.99, Chunky £16.99

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  1. Phil

    Best grips on the market imo. Using hairspray to fit and remove works a treat! Not amazing in the wet but me (and my hands) forgive them for that.

  2. Oh dear

    Using hairspray to fit grips is sooooo mid 90’s, used to do that on my s&m warpig back in the day. It was Shite then an even shiter now.

  3. Al

    I don’t even think there a faff to put on/off. I use window cleaner, set in place for 12 hours, there solid then I can’t fault them on anything, wet dry hot cold they grip like anything and all this with comfort

  4. Eoin

    Very comfy and no problems keeping them on at first. I was kinda unlucky in that I changed my bars, then my brakes and shifters. So they went on and off 4-5 times in total and they slip a fair bit now as dust and grime got inside. So im back on lock-ons. They get cut up real fast too. Also the end caps dont fit renthal bars. Still, would buy again.

  5. Wheelerman

    Got to agree. These are great, but not so great in the wet. They do get cut-up very easily too, not cheap for what they are. Went from these to Renthal Lock-on and now my hands are locked to the bars after rough descents. Huge drop in feel and comfort compared to the Racers Edge.

  6. jack

    worse grips I’ve ever owned, completely useless in the wet which is what the country is the majority of the time. Gone to renthal lock ons and would never waste my money going back.


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