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2013 Dirt 100: E13 DH CRANKS

2013 Dirt 100: E13 DH CRANKS

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Another product making a return visit to the Dirt 100 is this downhill offering by E13. When they were first released several years ago there was a little scepticism over the polygon shaped crank to BB interface, but we’ve used these cranks for years on an array of bikes without the slightest hint of a creak or wobble. Plus the bearings are faultless – some of the smoothest running on any BB we’ve ridden.

The ‘No Strip’ pedal inserts mean that heavy-handed pedal issues won’t write the cranks off, and a final finishing touch to round off the well thought out package is that every set of cranks comes with a full set of installation tools, nice.

Price: £259.00
Silverfish 01752 843 882


  1. Dave

    The polygon interface is excellent, as well as the beefy axle. Let´s just hope the improved bottom bracket keep the moisture out. The old (early 2012) BB-seals and bearings were utter rubbish, the internals rusting and failing just after few rides in harsh conditions. Look at XO or Saint instead if you want DH-reliabilty (and stiffness) imo.

  2. Jarno

    No pedal thread insert and they don’t sell right hand cranks separately. For that price not a good combination. The cheaper versions do the trick just as well, cost a fraction and the weight is not that much more than for example saints.

  3. Tom

    I went off e-thirteen stuff when they told me i’d been ‘using the wrong chain lube’ after taking it back to them with the guides covered in cracks and splits. I was told that certain chain lubes (including the usual brands) ‘degrade the plastic’ apparently, voiding my warranty… Great idea for a bicycle chain guide then!


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