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2013 Dirt 100: Devinci Wilson

2013 Dirt 100: Devinci Wilson

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray


‘Race proven’ is an over-used term, but we think it is safe to say that with Stevie Smith on-board the Devinci brand have built some serious ‘kudos’ – street-cred – since the Canadian signed to race World Cups for the firm. Neither would the Wilson downhill bike have the credit of multiple World Cup and World Championship podiums, making it one of the most desirable machines currently on the market.

New for 2013, the Wilson Carbon will phase out the aluminium bikes in the UK, but this is clearly not a bad thing. Noticed Smith’s results rocket at the tail end of the 2012 season? With a top-three at the Leogang World Championships and a long deserved win in the World Cup finals, you have to ask yourself if the change to carbon was enough to give him the edge on the competition? It’s another bike that is going to break all but the most sturdy of bank accounts, but we reckon it’s an investment that’s worth making.

Price: Frame £2699.99, Complete from £3699.99
Haven Distribution 07827 797044

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  1. Howie

    Love love love these!! :)

  2. le jacques

    Haha! Such an expensive carbon frame and they forgot to put a i-dot on the downtube graphics! What a shame!

    1. matt

      hahaha, i didn’t notice this!

      1. Jean-philippe Tremblay

        Damn! Those first prototypes weren’t perfect!

        A shame is kinda wild thought, 😉 This doesn’t affect style or how the bike rides..

        Happy new year,


  3. Tepid

    well i think i can forgive the missing ‘i’. What i cant forgive and what no one mentions is the sub standard shock! Sure it might be OK, but at £2699, i expect better. Carbon or no carbon.

    1. Jarno

      There are lot of shock options in 10.5″x3.5″ size like RS Vivid, Fox RC4, CCDB, BOSS maybe others so if you’re referring to that I really don’t see your point.

    2. dck

      they are shipping with the CCDB, just FYI

  4. g

    unbelievable bike, and even better in real life. One of the few cutting edge frames out there at the moment.


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