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2013 Dirt 100: Chris King Hubs

2013 Dirt 100: Chris King Hubs

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray


Chris King products are probably the most desirable in cycling, and that certainly applies to their legendary hubs. We see these more as a work of art than a simple bicycle product, but look inside and there’s no doubting the superb and intricate engineering that has gone into their construction.

King’s RingDrive mechanism means that the more pressure you put through the pedals, the more positive the engagement. This results in pinpoint accurate pick-up and probably the most efficient hub ever. The quality of Chris King bearings is also something to admire, with every bearing handmade and individually quality checked in-house.

King are so confident in their hubs that each one comes with a five year warranty, surely enough in itself to justify the price tag.

Price: Front £190.99, Rear £378.99

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  1. TigerLilly

    It is nice art and they have awesome conquering processes, but the rear hub requires regular maintenance that if not done will cause frustrating issues on the trail. I’m my mind it is not reliable after more than one failure, so Ive gone back to Shimano. The BBs are great though.

  2. TigerLilly

    Meant to type manufacturing process

  3. simon clark

    I’ve run CK hubs for over a decade on my XC bikes and only ever open them twice a year to drip some CK ringdrive oil into them. If you want them to last and don’t want to have to keep opening them up don’t jet wash them, pretty simple really.


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