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2013 Dirt 100: Cane Creek Angleset

2013 Dirt 100: Cane Creek Angleset

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray


Along with their Double Barrel shock, Cane Creek are having a pretty good go at setting some industry standards. The Angleset has already worked its way onto many peoples’ bikes, giving the ability to dramatically alter the geometry almost as simply as fitting a new headset.

Whilst a standard set of angle reducer cups from another brand will do the same job, the Angleset comes with all the necessary hardware to make changes in .5 degree increments, right up to a maximum of plus or minus 1.5 degrees. It’s perfect for anyone wishing to alter the ride character of their steed and it’s available for the majority of bikes.

The clever gimbal system, which is basically a cup and cone, allows for slight discrepancies in alignment when it comes to fitting the cups into the frame, meaning they are also easier to fit than other reducer cups and your bearings will last longer.

Price: From £179.99

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  1. NotGonnaHappen

    Unless “Cane Creak” fixed the issues with this product, it’s going to be causing some unsought trouble. Popping, cracking and constant retightening is the norm with AngleSet.

  2. LE

    If you’re having the creaking problems mentioned above and by oh so many other awesome home mechanics, it’s possible that maybe you should watch the video on how to properly install an Angleset, use the right amount of the right type of grease, and understand that it’s not a standard headset and as such may need a little more attention than simply fit and forget. If you can get your head around these issues you’ll be fine and quite probably love the Angleset like me.

    1. Jbob

      Or, buy a Works Components one, save over £100, use any type of grease you want just like a ‘normal’ headset and go ride your bike.

  3. WH

    I have one in my bike and not had one days issue with it, not a sound for it.

  4. Hancock

    You’d have to be nuts to buy one of these when you can have a Works and a Hope headset for less cash. If you want to adjust the angle you’re still bashing out the top cup, so why put up with this finicky piece of crap?

  5. Jbob

    Forget this, its sold on being ‘adjustable’ but you have to remove one cup to do this (on some types you have to remove both!)

    Whats adjustable about that?! – Fit one, put up with popping creaking and all of that crap OR just fit a Works Components one for under 1/2 the cash and save the hassle……

    Dirt are off their rockers here, dont they champion UK companies, i have not ever heard them mention Works once…

  6. LemonadeMoney

    +1 for Works

  7. Ed

    As others have said, we have found that if you fit an angleset correctly you don’t have any issues whatsoever. On the other hand we have had issues with designs like the Works Components one which don’t have a ‘gimbal’ and instead have fixed bearings. Those issues have been bearings that only last five minutes, no matter what quality ones you use. We reckon the reason for this must be that they are not perfectly aligned and loaded because for one it is impossible to get the cups installed with perfect orientation, and secondly although they offer these headsets to fit various length headtubes it is still a compromise in most cases. At the end of the day we can only speak from our experiences, and those of the many testers that we use, and in this case the Angleset wins.


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