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2013 Dirt 100: Bos Deville

2013 Dirt 100: Bos Deville

Bos Deville

Another feather in the cap for BOS is the brilliant Deville fork, which for 2013 is offered in 140, 160 and 170mm travel options. These forks do the job that so many other air-sprung forks claim to – they provide smooth, supple and stiction free travel – and they do it just as well as any coil fork on the market.

It’s the control though that really sets these forks apart from the rest, they only ever use the minimal amount of travel necessary to get the job done, there’s never any diving or wallowing. A true enduro racers fork if ever there was one. The 20mm axle has a simple, if sometimes prone to working loose, clamp system that’s light, stiff and easy to use.

Combine all this with adjustable high and low speed compression and rebound damping and you have the most rounded fork of its kind. Reasonably lightweight, efficient and confidence inspiring, we’d recommend them any day.


Price: €970.00

  1. gee

    That price isn’t right – if it was, there’s no way I’d have a set on my bike. Ace fork, never had an issue with the axle loosening (if anything, it’s a bit too tight). Love how they never dive at the front, despite being plusher than the 36s they replaced.

  2. Tomo

    Noticed Fox don’t get much love off Dirt not surprised really after buying new kashima coated forks this year then realising they need a lower leg service every 15 hours, that’s every 3 weeks for me and I have heard fox are very stringent on this or don’t honor warranty. Definitely going to give bos a go next time heard nothing but good things about their performance

  3. Tim

    Price defo not right, quote at half that price on their website

  4. Rich

    The price was wrong when it was printed in the Dirt 100 magazine. You would of thought someone at Dirt would correct it before putting it on the Web as well. Mine were around £830.

  5. billy

    Yes, soz, fat finger typo! Will change it soon!


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