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2013 Dirt 100: AVID CODE R BRAKES

2013 Dirt 100: AVID CODE R BRAKES

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray


The Code R from Avid is essentially a half-way house between the beef-cake Code brake and the company’s ever-popular Elixir range.

It’s hard to fault the performance of the Code itself – the power and ability to deal with the rigours of even the longest Alpine downhills is unbelievable thanks to the hefty four-piston calliper. The swap to the Elixir lever in this Code R set reduces weight slightly and also makes them easier on the wallet, but yet they retain the incredible stopping power and remain an easy to service, robust and no-fuss brake. Whilst heavier than many, we think their power and simplicity makes them ideal for those who want to ride big mountains with little qualms or worries about potential issues, and their lower price tag than the standard Code makes them more attainable.

Solid, no fuss performance with extreme braking power sums up the Code R brakes plainly.


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  1. Maya Rider

    if it’s halfway between big brother Code and Elixir, where does that leave X.0 Trail? I reckon the Code R has become surplus to needs: those X.0 trails are brutal grippers.

  2. Break brakes

    Please tell me why anyone would buy avid brakes? Seriously let down in the past with these over hyped products. Think I’ll stick to good old reliable shimano thanks.

    1. James

      I have rode Avid brakes for around 5 years now and apart from the odd issue (which I notice all brakes have) they hold up with brilliant gripping power!

    2. el capitan

      I prefer consistent lever feel, got rid of my saints and switched to these, couldn’t be happier. Shimano hasn’t figure out the 4 piston caliper yet(ask Gwin, yeah i know cheap shot)

  3. Gee

    Avid brakes?

  4. Neil

    Just to counter the consatnt hating of avid brakes even a little, I have had Elixir (R’s) on my bike now for several years. I’ve broken one lever crashing but replaced with like and they have all been perfect. I like the feel, power is good and reliability has been spot on for me. Maybe I just got lucky.


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