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2012 Dirt 100: YT Industries Tues DH

2012 Dirt 100: YT Industries Tues DH

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The idea behind YT (Young Talent) Industries is to provide great value bikes that help young riders get into the sport, and that they have achieved, but it doesn’t really do them justice because this bike could easily be raced at World Cup level. Like the rest of their range YT have managed to get the geometry nailed, and the suspension is just as dialled too.

We actually find it pretty incredible that such a new company has managed to get things so right from day one, and it’s great to see a company taking such a fresh approach to the way they sell bikes. The direct thing might not be anything new, but the other way they keep costs down is to offer just one well thought out model of each bike.

The spec on this bike is as good as anyone really needs with the likes of a RockShox R2C2 BoXXer, and to get it all for such an impressive price does make you question the price of other bikes. Not just a great bike to start out on, it’s a great bike full stop.

Price: 2199.00 eur
YT Industries 0049 91917 363 050

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  1. ace

    This was a topic of conversation down at chipshop. One is heading for the south west, and i will be looking out for it next race i get too. It does seem to good to be true (price up the parts alone at RRP)this could be the best buy for newbies and old hands alike, it’s equipment like this that could pull more people into racing, which is a good thing.

  2. eoin

    The genius is in only offering one spec, and making that spec solid mid-tier components throughout. This allows them to buy much bigger bulks of each component which further drives down the price.
    Cant wait for them to announce their 170 and 180mm bikes in a few weeks!

  3. Markus

    This is the old one. They revised the frame this year. There was also a limited edition bike only buyable on one day specced with Marzocchi 888 and CCDB for around 2700€. They sold over 500 bikes that day.


  4. Jawoll

    That bigger bulk story does only make sense until a certain point. Specialized Status 2 is their entry DH bike (which has a domain dc, not a boxxer etc…) which is priced way higher than the YT. I kinda doubt that YT outsells Specialized (which is a really well known brand and has shops all over the place) by such a huge margin that RockShox will give their boxxer away for less than the domain…

  5. eoin

    Obviously the direct sale with no middleman taking a 50% cut is the main reason for the price, there is no doubt there. But, the bulk buying probably shaves a little more of the price and I personally think with a well thought out spec you never need more than 2 choices.

    It feels to me like you get a lot more for less from YT-i than from say Canyon who do direct sales and are presumably of similar size. Also notice that canyon got a lot of attention, and then bumped up their pricing by a few hundred between 2011 and 2012, suggesting they were not operating at sustainable margins and might have kept prices down to gain market share. I have no idea how rose bikes turn a profit though…

    Please review their entire trail+gravity lineup dirt and feel free to send the test samples my way after, cheers…

  6. LiL KiMs Lice

    Finally someone dares to push the prices down. I’m so sick of overpriced DH bikes that does not bring any value to rider. If I see one more positive review of this bike I’m gonna get one.

  7. burns

    Brands like specialized and trek punish shops who sell their bikes too cheap. Schwalbe once took legal action against shops who sold their tires too cheap.


  8. Dorny

    Rose bikes will manage to do it because they are actually a home brand for the massive Rose bike catalogue company in Germany. Got hold of a catalogue at the cycle show, it’s like an index extra full of happiness!

  9. john cobb

    I am really confused about all this talk about the how good the YT tue is I have a limited edition, and I have never rode such a uncontrollable bike it just dont work, I have had the ccdb re tuned twice and been on to YT CANECREEK usa ft TUNE and the bike dont work, I feel beat up after 3 or 4 runs were in my old intense socom I am just getting warmed up.


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