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2012 Dirt 100: Steamer Industries Offset Bushings

2012 Dirt 100: Steamer Industries Offset Bushings

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

If there’s an award for the cheapest way to transform a bike it has to go to these offset bushings. Depending on your exact set up (because M6 bolts allow more room for manoeuvre than M8 ones), you should be able to achieve a minimum of a one degree head angle change and half an inch bottom bracket drop. If you’ve already got a super low bottom bracket then an AngleSet might be a better option, plus you need to check that your frame has adequate clearance, but if it has then a set of these could be the answer to your geometry prayers.

Seeing as you can run either one or two, and with different amounts of offset, there’s also loads of scope for experimentation. Each bushing is made from super hard 6082 T6 aluminium and is finished to the highest spec to fit any bike you want. In fact if you want anything custom made for your bike give Kevin at Steamer a bell because he’ll almost certainly be able to sort you out.

Price: 20 Euros Each

Steamer Industries 00353 851 331 104


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  1. KevR

    Have a set of these bad boys for a while now. For the money it’s redonkulous how big the difference is!

  2. Marcooos

    I’m interested in these but a bit dubious of removing the stock shock bushing and fitting theses. Aren’t the standard bushing there to stop the mount kit eating the inside of the shock ‘I’? What’s to stop this do exactly that?

  3. Moobs

    They look cheap and finish of them looks awfull. ~Just a total rip off of someone elses idea

  4. Jamie

    @ Marcooos, as far as I understand, these don’t replace the actual bushing, just the mounting hardware itself.

  5. mark

    jeezus, just imagining what the ones that didn’t make it through quality control look like. And these are the best ones they had for a photo shoot. I can do better than that on the lathe in my garage

  6. keyserni

    Yes this idea has been around for a while but this guy started by sorting his mates out because no one was making them and then decided to offer these everyone, btw it’s a one man student operation, he does make them on a lathe in his garage.

  7. andy

    Its a good idea, and a dead cheap way of altering the geometry of the bike. However they seriously need to get their facts straight, 6082 is about as softer grade of aluminium you can get. If you want to go softer just make it out of cheese! If you want a super hard ali look at HE15 or 7075.

    Theyd be better being made out of brass like these guys: http://www.offsetbushings.com/ and there only £20 a pair.

  8. Jeron

    Thank you Andy.

    Yes http://www.offsetbushings.com does them for £20 a pair with free postage. Or £10 each, again with free postage.

    Regarding the finish – They serve a purpose. That purpose is to be hidden out of view and to do a job. Both myself and Kevin machine these ourselves on manual lathes and milling machines so thats where the expense comes in.


  9. Brendan

    Surface finish is everything, the rougher the finish the faster it will eat the bushings then causing wear to your mountings.
    6082 is a medium strength aluminium with T6 Temper.
    Not the best of images for your product, sorry.

  10. Tom

    I agree with Andy.

    I got mine off Jeron and they’re fantastic. they’ve Added the adjustability and Allowed me to slacken my rig for the same price as a few pints down the local.

    http://www.offsetbushings.com FTW

  11. Rich

    I had these and they definitely work, BUT
    They are too soft and steel bolts wears the ally away creating a knocking noise.

    For those concerned, they do NOT replace the bushing. They should be refered to as shock hardware.

    I now have these, made from stainless steel and cheeper



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