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2012 Dirt 100: Stan's Flow Rims

2012 Dirt 100: Stan's Flow Rims

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Normally you’d expect a rim that weighs in at just 470g to be reserved for XC whippet use only, but somehow Stan’s have managed to produce a rim of that weight that has even managed to prove itself on the World Cup DH circuit.

Quite how they’ve achieved such an incredible strength to weight ratio is still a bit of a mystery, and at 28mm wide they’re even a good width. It doesn’t matter whether you are building a trail bike or a lightweight DH bike, you should definitely consider getting a set of these.

They can easily be converted into tubeless rims too, and the unique shape of the area where the tyre bead sits means that with a bit of sealant you can happily run standard tyres tubeless without any burping issues. Build them up with quality hubs and spokes and you’re onto a winner.

Price: Black £78.00, White £80.00
Paligap 01454 313 116

  1. Jon P

    Got!!! Not had them very long but they’ve been good soo far

  2. Anoobis

    Looking at getting my rear hope pro II/mavic XM719 replaced with a flow rim and getting a hope hoop/flow for the front too.
    Can’t bloody wait. Especially after numerous attempts at getting the rather tired rear 719 tubeless.

  3. fordy

    mine are 2yrs old and have been faultless, pair em up with hope pro 2’s and you have a fast reliable set of hoops for as little as £275 if you shop about, buy em.

  4. chris-m

    Have seen/heard of a fair few problems with these bending easily. I understand that everyone has an off day and can bend the unbendable, but I know the owners well and what and how they ride – nothing what you’d class as hard abuse. The quality of Mavic rims are just much better (materials, the way they are joined, strength and finish). Also, Mavic rims just build into a nicer wheel, IMHO – although sadly, Mavic don’t make a rim of similar width and weight that’s tubeless – although an 819 is super strong! 

    As a note though, don’t forget that when buying Stans rims that it’s not Tubeless from the outset. I get a lot of people who have bought them thinking they were tubeless because of the ‘No Tubes’ name. You need the relevant coloured tape (according to rim width) and a tubeless valve, which is quite a lot extra unless you buy a set of Hope Hoops, which is then only another extra £10 for the tubeless Stans kit = bargain!

  5. Jon P

    I’m running them on my 224 so if/when I turn it into a 50p i’ll let you know! Also going to try out tubeless at some point, see if it’s as good as i’ve been told :-)

  6. rmac

    i think no eyelets have been there downfall. but there deff a step in the right direction,for weight, strenght, price.mavic will still be the daddy though.better advancement compared to 35mm bars

  7. john

    Having tried pretty much everything I think I’ll be sticking with Mavic’s thanks.

  8. Hancock

    @John, have you tried Alex Supra rims?
    After many moons on Mavic I got a set this year, delighted with them so far. Still have some 521s (and 719s… and 717s) mind…

  9. Pike

    Had mine for about a year, running tubeless on pro 2’s with stans tape and cafe latex sealant (running non tubeless maxxis tyres) – they’ve never missed a beat. Spent a week riding fort william DH with absolutely no flats or bends! Was hard getting the tyres on the rim though – All in all I’ve found them to be a great product.


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