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2012 Dirt 100: Specialized Hillbilly DH

2012 Dirt 100: Specialized Hillbilly DH

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

When so many riders spend hours cutting down spike tyres it’s a mystery as to why it has taken so long for a company to bring out what is essentially a ‘pre–cut’ spike, but finally Specialized have done it with this Hillbilly and the results are every bit as good as we expected.

For mixed conditions you won’t find another off–the–shelf tyre to rival these, and thanks to the knobs being spaced slightly closer together than a full–on spike we also think they outperform a cut spike. There’s no squirming on rocks or roots, and yet they’ll still cut through and disperse a reasonable amount of mud.

It’ll be interesting to see if any of the big guns bring out an equivalent tyre, because if the truth be told, a tyre like this can easily see as much use as a dry DH tyre.

Price: £44.99
Specialized UK 02083 913 500

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  1. dirt dodger

    don’t cut my spikes and never have, it’s all a bit pro really and I don’t see my mates benefitting from it even though they spend ages doing it (you know who you are ;-))! I have never run a spike to the rear either so this tyre for me is an alternative to running the swampy out back.

  2. Banshee

    Are these knobs the same size as a wetscream? I know they are shorter.

  3. Chriss

    They are such good tires, ran them most of the year and cope so well even on hard pack.

  4. Fred

    I went to my LBS recently to order these in 2.5 but was told they only sell the 2.3 version in Europe at the moment… =(
    If maxxis came out with the Medusa in a DH casing and 2.5 it would be competition for the hillybilly.

  5. jesusjohn

    Specialized 2.3 is the around same size as a maxxis 2.5.Hillbilly is a great tyre ,good in mud and in the dry dust.
    These and the storm control are two of the best tyres i’ve used.

  6. Mat

    bloody hate cutting down wetscreams. might get me some of these. If the compounds anything like the butchers im using at the moment, should be a very good tyre.

  7. Armydhteam (jack)

    Got these still not tried them yet so I need to get out and give them a whirl so
    I know how they react ,

  8. Jerome

    Been using these on the front all winter, in wet or dry conditions. Absolutely NO complaints on grip whatsoever, and the 2.3″ size is plenty enough.

  9. Christy

    This is a great tyre! I used them often last year on tracks with changing conditions, ie hard-packed ground and sobbing wet roots etc. They seems to work everywhere!

  10. CC

    Tioga made that same tire in the 90’s….


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