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2012 Dirt 100: Specialized Butcher DH

2012 Dirt 100: Specialized Butcher DH

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Easily the strongest competition to the High Roller for dry/soft DH conditions comes in the shape of this Butcher, and in some people’s eyes it even manages to beat the Maxxis.

The difference between the two lies in the way that they behave when really pushed to the limit. The High Roller does have a slightly more extreme limit, but when it reaches that point it tends to slide. The Butcher on the other hand goes a little earlier but it crawls rather than slides.

This quality is very predictable and confidence– inspiring, you always know where you’re at with these tyres, which perhaps makes them the better choice if you’re looking to learn about the limits of traction. At the end of the day though both tyres are superb and personal taste is really the only thing that separates the two. Saying that, these Butcher’s are very competitively priced.

Price: £44.99
Specialized UK 02083 913 500

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  1. Mat

    been running these for a couple of months now, always been a high roller fan, but i have to say these tyres are pretty awesome. The 2.3 size is the same as a 2.5 maxxis. And they seem to last a bit longer then High rollers too.

  2. afroush

    Second season on these and I have no reason to change! I’ve been running high rollers before and don’t think that is worth to compare those two tires, cuz butcher is a way better.

  3. horse

    Have to agree, these are great tyres. highly recommended.

  4. WAKi

    Is there any bigger difference between Minion DHF and these?

  5. Vincent

    To WAKi : “Specialized” is written on those…

  6. Garrett

    @WAKi there is no big difference. the butch rolls slower barely and gives up to that crawl they were talking about before a DHF does and that is pretty much it. Both amazing.

  7. Ikaikanet

    Can anyone tell the difference between, Minion DHF, Butcher and new Bontrager G4???


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