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2012 Dirt 100: Shimano XTR Trail SPD

2012 Dirt 100: Shimano XTR Trail SPD

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Shimano SPD lovers have been crying out for years for a pedal like this, and now that it has arrived it is every bit as good as we expected. It doesn’t offer quite the same amount of platform as the DX’s, but it’s still more than enough for trail use and these are a whole lot lighter.

Compared to a regular XC pedal you get a far nicer feeling when clipped in, the pressure is more evenly spread and you don’t feel like you’re just perched on top of it, plus of course that platform puts an end to having to try and balance on a tiny object when you’re not clipped in.

As you’d expect from an XTR product these particular pedals are the finest quality, from bearings right through to the finish, and they’re as light as can be, but even the two new cheaper versions that share the same overall design are worth considering if money is tight because they’re still a fair chunk lighter than the DX’s.

Price: £119.99

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  1. Johnny B Good

    Running the XT version. Coming off of traditional XTR’s these feel like flat pedals. Probably not as much support as some other more DH oriented clipless pedals, but for my trail bike they off greater surface area for more foot control and aren’t too heavy. Stoked.

  2. who

    nice pedals, axles are brittle on them though. Have seen a few broken go back and have been through two myself. sealing also isn’t what it used to be at xtr level.

  3. itamar

    Whats the difference between these and the XT trail version? just a few grams?


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