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2012 Dirt 100: Shimano DX SPD

2012 Dirt 100: Shimano DX SPD

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

For DH duties we simply don’t think there’s a better clipless pedal than these. The positive nature of the Shimano system always means that you know exactly where you are with them, and the adjustable spring tension is something that we struggle to live without on other pedals.

You can get these dialled in just the way you like them, and when you’re riding clipped in we think that’s high on the list of priorities. The pedals also work great in the mud, with plenty of room for the brown stuff to push though, and the resin cage is far stronger than you’d ever imagine and offers just enough of a platform to help you out the other side of those dodgy unclipped moments.

Throw in some bearings that last for ages and a very reasonable price tag and you’ve got a definite winner.

Price: £79.99

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  1. Oso Negro

    Agree- solid pedals.
    But… didn’t unclip once and and went down with a double tib/fib break.
    2 surgeries later and back to platform pedals.

  2. Machete

    i’d like to try these one day but my red and black DX’s from 1998 are still going strong

  3. Glenno

    These pedals serve well as enduro pedals, perfect on my 2011 GT Sanction 2011 also on my Commencal Supreme DH.

    Never had a problem with them, tough as hell!

  4. Matt

    @Machete I’m still running my red and black DX’s and like yours are still going strong

  5. joecantello

    Best pedals ever made! Been running them for 14 years now on all my bikes.


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