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2012 Dirt 100: Shimano AM41

2012 Dirt 100: Shimano AM41

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Yes these shoes might be beaten in the grip stakes by the Five Ten’s, but they more than make up for it in other areas. Firstly, the combination of feel and stiffness that they offer is hard to beat, plus that Vibram sole still gives levels of grip that few will find fault with, and it lasts for ages too.

The thing that has always really impressed us about these shoes though is that they’ve clearly been designed for life on a muddy hillside rather than a street, and as such are all the better for it.

Basically if you’re riding flats in the gloop then we don’t think there’s a more practical set of shoes than these.

Price: £79.99

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  1. Sam Matthews

    They are good but they don’t last much more than a years worth riding….I’ve gone through 3 pairs but decided to try 5:10s this time. I would recommend keeping them for riding only, and digging /building in boots to keep em as fresh as possible.

  2. PN

    Great shoes. Excellent protection from mud and water especially when combined with waterproof socks in winter. Grip is very good when on the pedals but not great when off the bike. Top cover is well padded but damages easily on pedal pins.

  3. Andy

    Well it is all about the grip on the bike, and 5:10’s are the best apart from the fact they are very heavy and bulky and soak up water like a sponge.

  4. Eoin

    Great for trail riding, much lighter than 5.10s but nearly the same grip. The heel is soft too which is nice as all my 5.10s have had their solid heel cave in after a bit. Definitely worth trying out if you are a flat pedal rider who rides uphill as well as down.

  5. Tuskaloosa

    Great pair of shoes even if they look like somehting out of Tron….however just noticed some cracking on the upper cover not sure if this is combination of wearing them in soaking wet rides….I did try the 5-10’s but they just seem bulky, plus I like the high ankle on the insides… overall a 8/10.. sole is great too….depends what pedals… I ride with nukies and they are ok, rode in Whislter with some Wellgo and I could not get my feet off fast enough on a couple of occassions…

  6. jerome

    Got through two sets of the old ones of these very quickly. Have since had 5.10 Karvers which were amazing and didn’t soak water, free riders, which are a sick lightweight pair for all riding, and Line Kings which look amazing, protect the ankles, are as waterproof as the shimanos, feel good, and wouldn’t change them for anything!

  7. jerome

    plus theyve all worn really well over 2+ years and still going strong. 5.10s all the way

  8. Ken

    Have had mine for a year being used about twice a month with nuke proof pedals. All the grip where the pins are located has worn away. Seems like the vibram rubber is too brittle and just breaks. Sizing is way off. I am a 42 and had to go to 44 before they fit. Shame a good shoe otherwise.


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